Comprehensive evangelism training to spread the Word personally and digitally.

Our Intent

Activating faithful Christians to participate in evangelism.

It’s imperative in our post-Christian world for churches to intentionally bring the gospel message to their community. Members are being asked to participate but limited experience are keeping them silent.

We help change this dynamic in four ways.


Conquer Fears

Removing Barriers

Many faithful members have a desire for evangelism but feel ill-equipped and intimidated to participate. Our training is designed to tackle common fears and myths associated with personal evangelism.


Simplified Approach

What Do I Say?

We often make personal evangelism much more difficult than it needs to be. We utilize a simplified approach to help faithful members with limited experience discover that they can be active witnesses.


Gain Experience

Experiential Learning

The best way to apply learning is to immediately put it into practice. Our comprehensive weekend training provides well-organized opportunities to gain meaningful experience.


Biblical Focus

Activating Participation

A central point with our training is helping members discover that evangelism is far more about God than it is about us. It means keeping our focus on God’s promises and assurances to conquer fear and be active witnesses.

Tap Into Our Experience

Since 2016, Praise and Proclaim has launched...

Outreach Initiatives

(plus Canada)


People Trained

What We Offer


Outreach Initiative Weekend

Church members will receive on-site evangelism training designed to feel comfortable and confident to proclaim the gospel in a variety of settings.


Personal Evangelism Tools

Create a thoughtful, well-organized opportunity to immediately apply evangelism training in a positive setting.


Employ Digital Evangelism

Through digital advertising and custom-built landing pages, members will learn how to employ these tools within their personal network.


Provide Ongoing Support

Access to on-line resources and a year-long subscription to future digital campaigns will be included to help further evangelism training.

Ronna's Story

"I have to be honest with you."

When Pastor Palmquist invited Doug and I to join him, I was not excited about it.

I know it is a very worthy mission, but I thought I had too much on my plate to spend time in Sioux Falls on Friday night and all day Saturday.

So, I was trying to find excuses: I had too much work, why can't Doug go alone, I'm not sure I can do this, I should just stay home.

What is Digital Evangelism?

It’s not just digital advertising and it goes beyond having a relevant church website. It’s a multi-faceted approach that we have developed to direct people to hear a clear message of what Christ has already done for all people.

Initiative Reports

Click the markers below to learn more about Praise and Proclaim's outreach initiatives at local congregations.


"Working with Praise and Proclaim has reinvigorated our members to go with the gospel and invite family, friends, co-workers and even strangers to church."

Brett Bengel
St. Mark's Lutheran Church and School
Citrus Heights, CA

Cross of Christ Lutheran Church
Nampa, ID

"Praise and Proclaim takes outreach campaigns off the back burner and out to the streets where the Gospel can be proclaimed."

Rev. John Ehlers
Cross of Glory Lutheran Church
Peoria, AZ

"Praise and Proclaim trains God's people to carry out God's mission in a way that makes sense while resting on the power of the Holy Spirit to change hearts."

Rev. Paul Schupmann
St. John's Lutheran Church
Juneau-Lowell-Horicon, WI

"What a fantastic opportunity: not only do you learn about ways to share Jesus with people, but you actually then go out and do it."

Jessica Becker
Light of Life Lutheran Church
Greenwood, IN

"Thanks to the Lord and to Praise and Proclaim, we have more members who are willing to help in organized outreach events and engage in personal evangelism."

Rev. Matt Pfeifer
Lincoln Heights Lutheran Church
Des Moines, IA

"Praise and Proclaim helped us to acknowledge and embrace the fears that we all have, then gave us the gospel guts to witness courageously in spite of those fears.."

Rev. Aaron Boehm
The Way
El Cajon, CA

"Our experience working with Praise and Proclaim has ignited a desire to do evangelism and has given us traction in our efforts."

Rev. Bob Green
Ascension Lutheran Church
Harrisburg, PA

"I’ve been doing evangelism for years, but the training from Praise and Proclaim gave us all a very simple way to sharing the gospel with people."

Rev. John Hering
Divine Peace Lutheran Church
Garland/Rockwall, TX

"The instructions given by Praise and Proclaim were clear and concise. Knowing what to say and do is half the battle when approaching a door. Finding the courage is given by Christ who is with us as we proclaim his word."

Laurie Behrens
Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church
Westminster, CO

"Your congregation and your community will truly be blessed by this ministry."

Rev. Dan Schmidt
Faith Lutheran Church
Tyler, TX

"Praise and Proclaim provided me with a great outreach model to use in the future as we continue to get to know our community. I have seen people more willing to volunteer and get involved with outreach events already planned for this year."

Rev. Ben Ehlers
Trinity Lutheran Church
Temple, TX

"Praise and Proclaim helps Christians discover the joy of sharing Jesus."

Rev. Nathan Buege
Victory of the Lamb Lutheran Church
Katy, TX

"We recommend Praise and Proclaim to any congregation looking to become truly serious about sharing the gospel to their neighbors."

Rev. Craig Wasser
Chairman, Pacific Northwest District Mission Board

"Not only did Praise and Proclaim train our members how to share the gospel, but it also helped them to overcome their fears of witnessing."

Rev. Kevin Schultz
The Vine Church
Coeur d'Alene, ID

"Our members soon realized that when you have the right “tools,” [proclaiming the gospel] really isn’t that hard at all. That’s what Praise and Proclaim does so well."

Rev. Stephen Apt
Divine Savior Lutheran Church
Liberty Hill, TX

"Now, the excitement for outreach and especially for evangelism is palpable around here. Members are now excited to share the Gospel with their friends, neighbors and community."

Rev. Rob Guenther
Grace Lutheran Church
Kenai, AK

Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
La Porte, IN

King of Kings Lutheran Church
Willoughby, OH

Seattle/Tacoma Outreach Initiatives
Illumine Church
Living Hope Lutheran Church
Exploratory Mission: Bonney Lake

Living Hope Lutheran Church
Chattanooga, TN

Minnesota Outreach Initiatives
Martin Luther College
St. Peter Lutheran Church
Mt. Olive Lutheran Church
Our Savior Lutheran Church
Cross of Christ Lutheran Church

Redeemer Lutheran Church
Yakima, WA

King of Kings Lutheran Church
Little Rock, AR

The Springs Lutheran Church
Sparks, NV

New Hope Lutheran Church
Toledo, OH

Risen Savior Lutheran Church
Lakewood Ranch, FL

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church
Las Vegas, NV

Atonement Lutheran Church
Parkville, MD

Our Savior Lutheran Church
Roanoke, VA

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Vallejo & Concord, CA

Redeemer Lutheran Church
Amazing Grace Lutheran Church
Mandan/Dickinson, ND

Our Savior Lutheran Church
Mansfield, OH

Cross of Life
Mississauga, Ontario

Christ Our Savior
Collinsville, IL

Sure Foundation
Brandon, SD

Amazing Grace
Amarillo, TX

Exploratory Mission
Bend, OR

Exploratory Mission
Idaho Falls, ID

Exploratory Mission
Bentonville, AR

Resources to Help You Spread the Word

Biblical Neuroplasticity
Reaching a Distracted Audience
Proclaiming the Gospel to a Nation that is Getting Mean

Start the Conversation

When fears of evangelism are conquered, members become ready and willing to assist in helping advance God's kingdom through the power of his Word.

What would outreach momentum look like in your congregation?