Digital Evangelism

Employing a strategy to engage people in today’s digital world to proclaim the gospel.

Taking full advantage of the new dynamic in evangelism.

In our post-pandemic society, it’s imperative for churches to bring the Word to their community both personally and digitally. We train members how to utilize digital tools to engage people within their personal network to hear what Christ has already done for us.

Praise and Proclaim builds digital evangelism campaigns that includes the following:

Evangelism Landing Page

A customized digital evangelism web landing page is a year-long tool for congregations to bring the Word to their community. It includes a gospel message from the pastor, a free resource to download, and information about the church.

Social Media Advertising

Digital advertising is a powerful means to bring awareness. The ads invite and direct people to a congregation’s web landing page.

Personal Evangelism

Church members will learn and discover the comfort of utilizing tools to invite people to their congregation’s web landing page to spread the Word in their community.

Remaining Active

God blesses activity. Ongoing digital evangelism campaigns helps members to remain engaged and active. We provide opportunities for churches and members to be engaged and consistent with their gospel activity.

How It Works

Praise and Proclaim provides a comprehensive digital evangelism campaign that goes beyond social media advertising. We help enhance an overall outreach strategy by teaching churches how to use digital campaign tools to engage prospects and visitors by pointing them to their web landing page.

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