Our Approach

Our intent is simple.

We prayerfully seek to activate faithful members of your church to participate in spreading the gospel.

Let's be honest.

Jesus is right.

He says that the harvest is ready, but the workers are few.

Good intentions derived by a spirit of thanksgiving for what Christ has already done can quickly evaporate by fear, busyness, or misperceptions about evangelism.

Our comprehensive training does not focus on learning what to proclaim but equipping members to show up and say something when God provides them with opportunities.

We help activate your members with limited experience in personal evangelism to be messengers of the gospel in today’s world.

Our Intent

A new dynamic in evangelism is requiring a shift in strategy. It’s now imperative to bring the message of the gospel directly to the people.

Our evangelism training is designed to help congregations with this transition in four distinct ways.


Conquer Fears

We tackle barriers head-on that can cause faithful Christians to disqualify themselves from participating in the Great Commission.


Gain Experience

Enthusiasm for being an active evangelist can quickly dissipate when a transfer of learning is not complete. We help your members bridge that gap with experiential training.


Feel Equipped

Only through the power of God’s Word can a redeemed Christian be equipped to proclaim the gospel. We also help them feel equipped to be confident evangelists.


Focus on Christ

A central point of our comprehensive evangelism training is to help members focus on Christ to be his witnesses.

Our Methodology

Reaching people in our personal network and our communities requires a thoughtful approach. This means embracing the importance of gaining an audience before proclaiming to an audience.

Through our comprehensive evangelism training, your members will learn how to:



Printed and digital tools will be built and customized for a congregation. Your members will learn how to utilize these tools within their personal network and employ them for future outreach activities planned by the congregation.



We train your members to discover the power of an invitation – both personally and digitally. They will know how to use printed materials or links to point people to a gospel message. Plus, they will appreciate how an invitation can be a powerful entry point to gain credibility and comfortably transition to tell others about what Jesus has already done.



We help your members discover the inexpressible joy of being God’s witnesses. They will learn that God can work through a short gospel message and how to extend conversations when the person is willing to hear more.

Practical, Experiential Training

With a new dynamic of evangelism, perhaps its time for your congregation to receive practical, experiential training.


It's an Amazing Time to Proclaim the Gospel!

It may seem that today's audience is unreachable.

Worship attendance is in decline.
More people are expressing disinterest in the institution of the church.
Traditional outreach programs are gaining less traction.

We help your congregation see today's world through a different lens.

People are searching, re-calibrating their lives but they are reluctant to walk through your front door at church on Sunday morning.
People are seeking purpose and desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves.
People are not necessarily rejecting the Truth, they have just never heard a clear and concise message about Christ.
People are longing for connection and a sense of community.
People who live by your church will welcome a face from your church. Some neighbors have been waiting for a personal invitation from one of your members who desires to make Christ known.

We help congregations take full advantage of the new dynamic of evangelism – engaging, inviting, and proclaiming the gospel to people within their personal network and throughout their community.

Perhaps the timing is right to begin a conversation about the possibility of having Praise and Proclaim come to your congregation.