Our Approach

A simple, memorable method for witnessing paired with a well-organized opportunity to immediately apply the training.

We all know what we should be doing when it comes to telling others about Jesus.

But taking action - from finding the time to knowing how to start the conversation - can be a hard and intimidating obstacle to overcome.

That's where Praise and Proclaim steps in.

We train members how to use a simplified approach to witnessing that is comfortable and non-threatening.



Members will learn simple and memorable ways to engage others and start a witnessing conversation.



Participants are equipped with professionally designed materials to invite neighbors to a special event.



Members will discover how to add a brief and effective gospel message into any conversation.

"The strength of the Praise and Proclaim approach is in its simplicity. Many people see their pastor as an expert door-knocker or Jesus-talker, and so they think they never could do what he does.

Dave breaks the process down into manageable chunks and sets their collective minds at ease."

Rev. Lincoln Albrecht

River of Life Lutheran Church
Goodyear, AZ

Conquer Evangelism Fears, Build Outreach Momentum

Christians who have trained with Praise and Proclaim conquer their fears and apply a simple, memorable method for witnessing to friends, family and their communities. To learn more about how Praise and Proclaim can partner with your gospel ministry, contact us today.