Comprehensive Evangelism Training

Designed to activate members to help spread the Word in today’s world.

Life has changed in this post-pandemic world. People are struggling to find hope and purpose, but reluctant to seek answers at a church. It’s becoming imperative for congregations and its members to bring a message of the cross to the people — both personally and digitally.

It’s an amazing time to be God’s messengers. We help congregations enhance their gospel activity by activating members to participate. We train them to feel confident and be comfortable to lovingly engage, gently invite, and respectfully deliver a gospel message about what Christ has already done for the world.

Establishing a Partnership

Evangelism is difficult, intimidating, and often takes us outside of our comfort zones. Praise and Proclaim serves as a partner with the pastor to help equip members, keep them engaged, and support their efforts to spread the gospel message in three distinct ways:



Discover entry points to gain an audience.

Use tools to comfortably engage others.

Trust God’s promises to proclaim what he has done.



Point to a customized evangelism web page.

Utilize web page for personal evangelism.

Incorporate digital advertising.



Employ a twelve-month partnership.

Participate in on-line training reviews.

Access online witnessing resources

Praise and Proclaim designs its comprehensive training to help congregations transition their evangelism strategies to effectively reach people in today’s world. This new dynamic means concentrating on bringing the Word to their community and have more members actively participate.

Personal Evangelism

Comprehensive Weekend Training

The training begins with a two-hour session to learn our evangelism methodology and how to conquer natural fears of personal evangelism. The training continues with a meaningful, all-day experience that includes real-life application, integrating digital evangelism in our personal witness, and utilizing a safe and comfortable approach to allow members to put their training into practice.


Door-to-door witnessing is no longer a part of Praise and Proclaim’s weekend training. Due to health and safety concerns, adjustments have been made to allow more members to feel comfortable to participate while still providing a meaningful experience to help activate their training.


Digital Evangelism

Constructing tools to support personal witnessing.

Digital evangelism is a powerful means to spread the Word that is safe and comfortable for people. Our methodology goes beyond social media advertising. Its building digital tools to help point people to a gospel message. Participants will learn how engage, invite, and proclaim utilizing these tools to support their personal witness.

Ongoing Training

Keeping members engaged and active.

A digital resource center will be available for all members to access video reviews and additional witnessing tools. With the digital campaign, your congregation will automatically receive a subscription for three additional campaigns including Christmas and Easter. Praise and Proclaim will also provide two live on-line sessions to review training and facilitate activity.

Preparing to Proclaim Bible Study

Ministry Highlights

We rejoice with the opportunities God has given us to help our congregations spread the gospel.

80 Churches in 24 States

Virtual Training Option

We now offer a virtual option for congregations to consider to lead weekend training.

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