Weekend Outreach Initiatives

That reach far beyond the weekend.

Many Christians feel unprepared to proclaim the gospel. They might be unsure of what to say, afraid of how a person might respond, or believe evangelism is someone else’s job.

And right now — in today’s world — it’s imperative to bring the Word to your community. People are willing to be engaged with the Word, even as they're unwilling to come to church to hear it.

It’s time to equip more members of your congregation to participate in evangelism.

What's Included

Through deliberate preparation, an engaging weekend outreach initiative and ongoing encouragement, Praise and Proclaim trains church members and leaders how to comfortably and confidently proclaim the gospel.

Step 1


Evangelism Bible Study

Evangelism Page Development

Step 2


On-site Training

Immediate Practice

Step 3


Training Review

Evangelism Activation Kit

"I appreciated the fact that Dave is a real person who understands real people and knows how to treat them. He doesn’t present a false or overly rosy view of what sharing the gospel is like. He doesn’t pretend as though what we’re learning to do isn’t difficult.

This makes all the difference in giving people the courage to put their trust in God’s promises—rather than their own personality skills or character traits—and boldly plant gospel seeds!"

Rev. Jonathan Bauer

Good News Lutheran Church
Mt. Horeb, WI

Step 1

Prepare to Proclaim

Evangelism Bible Study • Digital Evangelism Page

Before Praise and Proclaim ever arrives on your campus, your members will prepare with our online Evangelism Bible Study. We’ll also develop a Digital Evangelism Page your congregation can use to bring the message of the gospel to your community online.


Step 2

Experiential Learning

On-Site Training • Practical Experience

During our weekend outreach initiative, your congregation will receive comprehensive on-site training that includes a two-and-a-half-hour seminar followed by a meaningful, well-organized opportunity for a congregation to put their training into practice.

"Your ministry and teachings were also a lot of fun and people of all age groups from teenagers to retirees were able to learn and share God’s message together. I can’t wait for our next outreach event just a few months away!"

Nils Johansson

Zion Lutheran Church

Step 3

Tools to Build Momentum

Training Review • Evangelism Activation Kit

Mastering a skill takes practice. We leave your congregation with additional tools and encouragement to continue to apply the Praise and Proclaim methodology both personally and digitally.

Preparing to Proclaim Bible Study

Initiative Goals

Every Praise and Proclaim outreach initiative is designed around a consistent set of goals. Hover or tap below to learn more.

Member Training

Members will be trained to comfortably give reasons for the hope they have in Christ to anybody the Lord places in their life.

Email Follow Up

Enhance follow-up activity with prospects by incorporating an email follow-up system with digital campaign.

Digital Evangelism

Enhance a congregation’s online presence by incorporating a digital evangelism page.

Build Momentum

Equip your congregation with helpful tools and evangelism encouragement through a post-initiative challenge and video training.

What would outreach momentum look like in your congregation?

Learn more about how a partnership with Praise and Proclaim can benefit your congregation's evangelism plans.