Category: Testimonials

Rev. Lincoln Albrecht (Goodyear, AZ)

I have experience canvassing and believe in it strongly. There are few better ways to build an identity in your community. For years I have tried to model what canvassing looks like and does. I have invited people to walk with me.

The strength of Dave’s teaching is in its simplicity. Many people see their pastor as an expert door-knocker or Jesus-talker, and so they think they never could do what he does. Dave breaks the process down into manageable chunks and sets their collective minds at ease. We had hoped to have a dozen come for the training and maybe six come back the next day for the canvassing. The Lord blessed us with seventeen attendees and double-digit canvassers for each of our three sessions. It was amazing to watch the fear melt away from their hearts and minds and encouraging to see the Gospel zeal kindled in them after they went out and shared God’s Word with our community. We were blessed with nearly 150 Gospel seeds sown and 43 prospects to follow up on.”  (Rev. Lincoln Albrecht, River of Life Lutheran Church – Goodyear, AZ)

Rev. John Herring (Garland/Rockwall, TX)

One Church At Multiple Sites!  You might think that means Divine Peace Church has two locations.  You’re right, but it means more than that.  After Praise and Proclaim provided training for about 40 of our members they have been using their training at more than just “two sites.” We continue to use their training to easily turn conversations into talking about their Savior.

Every month dozens of follow up calls continue to be made on prospects. While the fruits of this effort remain low for our kingdom (in our two earthly locations) the fruits for God’s kingdom (bringing people closer to Jesus) are flourishing.

I’ve been doing evangelism for years, but the training from Praise and Proclaim gave us all a very simple way to sharing the gospel with people. Having the outreach and evangelism emphasis gave us all a practical way to share Jesus’ love with people. Why? Because our church teaches that God loves everybody.  He loved us so much he sent Jesus to die for us to pay the penalty of all our sins.  And that gives us “Divine Peace!”  (Rev. John Hering, Divine Peace Lutheran Church, Garland/Rockwall, TX)

Brett Bengel (Citrus Heights, CA)

St. Mark’s in Citrus Heights, CA started working with Praise and Proclaim Ministries in early 2017. Working with Praise and Proclaim has reinvigorated the members of St. Mark’s to go with the gospel and invite family, friends, co-workers and even strangers to St. Mark’s. Dave Malnes’ simple but effective door-to-door system has given confidence to many church members to let their light shine. Praise and Proclaim has also shared with us a 9-month plan to continue to engage people in our community. With the help of Praise and Proclaim Ministries, St. Mark’s is moving forward in outreach and evangelism. We look forward to connecting with many new people in our community.” (Brett Bengel, teacher, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church and School, Citrus Heights, CA)

William Woodington (Andover, MN)

I deliver training for organizations all over the world. I have participated in training led by Dave Malnes as part of his outreach campaigns. Dave is an excellent trainer! I apply what I have learned from Dave by sharing the gospel during my travels for business.”  (William Woodington, Woodington Training Solutions, LLC)

Laurie Behrens (Westminster, CO)

The instructions given by Dave were clear and concise. Knowing what to say and do is half the battle when approaching a door. Finding the courage is giving by Christ who is with us as we proclaim his word. Thank you, Dave, for helping us trust in God for the courage to “Praise and Proclaim!”   (Laurie Behrens, lay member, Westminster, CO)

Albert Tripp (Spokane, WA)

The campaign was meaningful to me.  I personally feel equipped to share the gospel here and abroad.  Thank you for your ministry. The work you perform empowers fellow believers to go and proclaim.  (Albert Tripp, lay member, Spokane, WA)

Rev. Dan Schmidt (Tyler, TX)

If your church needs a spiritual shot in the arm, then Praise and Proclaim is for you!
Faith is a brand new church plant in Tyler, TX.  Most of our members have recently moved to the area so friendship evangelism has been slow going. President Dave Malnes came to our church and did a wonderful job of preparing our people (introverts and extroverts) for an amazing adventure of sharing Jesus in a concise and impactful way.  This training not only benefited our weekend campaign but has continued to bear fruit for current efforts. P&P’s method of sending out postcards ahead of time is genius!  Asking people if they had recently received the postcard allowed for a smooth transition into sharing the good news of Jesus with our community. As a direct result of the Holy Spirit’s work, two first time guests showed up for our worship service the very next day!  Your congregation and your community will truly be blessed by this ministry. (Rev. Dan Schmidt, Faith Lutheran Church, Tyler, TX)

Rev. Ben Ehlers (Temple, TX)

Praise & Proclaim Ministries served as a much needed catalyst for our outreach at Trinity Lutheran Church.
We had just discussed our outreach goals for 2016 when I was put in touch with Dave Malnes of Praise & Proclaim Ministries. Being a new pastor fresh out of the Seminary, I was a little hesitant to start too much too quickly. However, because Praise & Proclaim Ministries presents outreach in a very non-threatening way, I was pleasantly surprised to see more volunteers than expected at the training session – all of whom learned how easy it is to share their faith. They returned from going door-to-door with many exciting stories and the confidence needed to continue going out and sharing their faith. Praise & Proclaim Ministries also provided me with a great outreach model to use in the future as we at Trinity Lutheran continue to get to know our community. I have seen people more willing to volunteer and get involved with outreach events already planned for this year. (Rev. Ben Ehlers, Trinity Lutheran Church, Temple, TX)

Dr. Marty Stuebs (Waco, TX)

Pastor Daron Lindemann mentioned in a recent sermon that last year, 89% of Holy Word Pflugerville members wished they could witness and evangelize better. He mentioned that the Holy Spirit provides the opportunities and tools. Dave and Praise and Proclaim Ministries are such a tool. They provide an easy way to bridge from the “desire to witness” to the “action to witness”. (Dr. Marty Stuebs, Professor of Accounting, Baylor University, Member at Trinity Lutheran Church, Temple, TX)

Rev. John Ehlers (Peoria, AZ)

What a blessing Praise and Proclaim Ministries is proving to be.  Outreach campaigns can tend to be time consuming to prepare and implement. Then the follow up begins. Praise and Proclaim takes these campaigns off the back burner and out to the streets where the Gospel can be proclaimed. Their ability to plan, teach and implement an outreach campaign allows the congregation to concentrate their energy in the follow up and nurturing of prospects. I really appreciated the great quality materials and training centered on God’s Word. I pray many more congregations take advantage of this great tool.” (Rev. John Ehlers, Cross of Glory Lutheran Church, Peoria, AZ)