Rev. Lincoln Albrecht (Goodyear, AZ)

I have experience canvassing and believe in it strongly. There are few better ways to build an identity in your community. For years I have tried to model what canvassing looks like and does. I have invited people to walk with me.

The strength of Dave’s teaching is in its simplicity. Many people see their pastor as an expert door-knocker or Jesus-talker, and so they think they never could do what he does. Dave breaks the process down into manageable chunks and sets their collective minds at ease. We had hoped to have a dozen come for the training and maybe six come back the next day for the canvassing. The Lord blessed us with seventeen attendees and double-digit canvassers for each of our three sessions. It was amazing to watch the fear melt away from their hearts and minds and encouraging to see the Gospel zeal kindled in them after they went out and shared God’s Word with our community. We were blessed with nearly 150 Gospel seeds sown and 43 prospects to follow up on.”  (Rev. Lincoln Albrecht, River of Life Lutheran Church – Goodyear, AZ)

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