Brett Bengel (Citrus Heights, CA)

St. Mark’s in Citrus Heights, CA started working with Praise and Proclaim Ministries in early 2017. Working with Praise and Proclaim has reinvigorated the members of St. Mark’s to go with the gospel and invite family, friends, co-workers and even strangers to St. Mark’s. Dave Malnes’ simple but effective door-to-door system has given confidence to many church members to let their light shine. Praise and Proclaim has also shared with us a 9-month plan to continue to engage people in our community. With the help of Praise and Proclaim Ministries, St. Mark’s is moving forward in outreach and evangelism. We look forward to connecting with many new people in our community.” (Brett Bengel, teacher, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church and School, Citrus Heights, CA)

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