Category: Testimonials

David Clark (Glendale, AZ)

The training we received was great information.  Perhaps the best result of hosting Praise and Proclaim was the excitement it generated among our people to speak with others.

Dave was particularly good and pointing out a simple way to witness Jesus.  While that was good for the hundreds of homes we visited, it was even more important for people to see that they could use this in their everyday lives.  Months later I still get members of the congregation reporting excitement because they feel like witnesses and have been able to share Jesus with people in a simple yet effective way.

Paul Schupmann (Juneau, Lowell, Horicon, WI)

“Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” – John 6:68

By God’s grace we know the love of Jesus but verbalizing that good news is not something that comes naturally, even for a 150-year-old congregation. That’s where Praise and Proclaim Ministries came into play for us, as they helped our old – established congregation, in the heart of WELS Wisconsin to share that love of Jesus. Here’s the thing, having Praise and Proclaim Ministries come to your church won’t guarantee results, but they will train God’s people to carry out God’s mission in a way that makes sense while resting on the power of the Holy Spirit to change hearts.

Pastor Paul Schupmann

St. John’s – Juneau, Lowell, Horicon, WI

Kurt Ebert (Thiensville, WI)

I was impressed with the simplicity of Dave’s approach as he worked with sem students and our members.  It took away a lot of fear when we actually went out and began the scary work of knocking on doors!  Scattering the gospel seed became a reality as we went out.  We’re planning to do this again.

Rev. Kurt Ebert

Christ Alone Lutheran Church, Thiensville, WI

Ben Berger (Winneconne, WI)

The members of St. Paul’s in Winneconne, WI really appreciated the ministry of Praise and Proclaim. Dave Malnes offered personal evangelism training to over fifty members, both children and adults. He taught us to comfortably and confidently share the gospel in simple, non-threatening ways. On Saturday morning we had opportunity to put our training into practice as we invited neighbors to our first annual National Night Out. Every pair that went out to invite also had the chance to plant gospel seeds. In all, we knocked on nearly 400 doors and planted 81 gospel seeds. That was just the jump start our congregation needed to get all of God’s people sharing the gospel both through the church and in their own personal lives. Dave brings organization, experience, expertise and most of all passion to share the gospel with all. We highly recommend Praise and Proclaim to all!

Rev. Ben Berger
St. Paul’s, Winneconne  (July 26-27, 2019)

Jon Bauer (Mt. Horeb, WI)

Working with Praise and Proclaim was a great experience for us at Good News. For starters, the planning and other front-end work were all very organized. Dave always made us feel like he was completely on top of things and that the weekend would be a great success. He let us know exactly what to expect so that we could communicate that to our members.

Having tried quite a few different approaches to door-knocking and having seen strengths and weaknesses of each, I really appreciate Dave’s approach. He does a great job of letting attendees know exactly what we’re hoping to accomplish (and what we’re not). He puts the focus on sharing the gospel, knowing that each time we have a chance to do that it’s a success no matter how it’s received. Part of the beauty of this approach is that it also allows people to grow in their confidence as they share the gospel in other situations. Whether it’s some other church function, community event, or a casual conversation with a neighbor, the things we learn to say at the doorstep can be used in those situations too.

Finally, I appreciated the fact that Dave is a real person who understands real people and knows how to treat them. He doesn’t present an false or overly rosy view of what sharing the gospel is like. He isn’t the type of person that attendees have a hard time relating to. He doesn’t pretend as though what we’re learning to do isn’t difficult. This makes all the difference in giving people the courage to put their trust in God’s promises (rather than their own personality skills or character traits) and boldly plant gospel seeds!

Rev. Jonathan Bauer

Good News Lutheran Church, Mt Horeb, WI  (June 1, 2019)

Nathan Strutz (Verona/Monroe, WI)

I have the privilege of serving as pastor at Resurrection Lutheran Church in Verona and Monroe, WI.  Several members from my church and I drove to Chattanooga to help a former vicar with a new mission start at Living Hope Lutheran in Chattanooga. We participated in the evangelism training provided by Praise and Proclaim Ministries.

Several weeks later, I attended a speed networking event in Fitchburg, WI. This is a community where our congregation is looking to start a new site. The training from Praise and Proclaim was perfect to share the Good News of our Savior Jesus in thirty seconds using the keywords I learned. I spoke with 30 people in less than an hour and had the chance to share the gospel with every single one of them. What a cool opportunity to plant so many gospel seeds!

I am thankful and appreciate the training I received from Praise and Proclaim and would recommend congregations to prayerfully consider utilizing this gospel ministry.

Rev. Nathan Strutz
Pastor, Resurrection Lutheran Church (Verona/Monroe, WI)

Jessica Becker (Greenwood, IN)

I had the unique and enriching opportunity to be event coordinator when Praise and Proclaim visited my congregation. 

Rev. Matt Pfeifer (Des Moines, IA)

Our evangelism lay leader is always looking for ways to get more people involved in evangelism. He found Praise and Proclaim and suggested that we use it.

Rev. Aaron Boehm (El Cajon, CA)

The transparent training we received through Praise & Proclaim Ministries was invaluable. Dave did not try to frame a fairy-tale type picture of evangelism as something that everyone is supposed to love and embrace with open arms. Rather, he helped us to acknowledge and embrace the fears that we all have, then gave us the gospel guts to witness courageously in spite of those fears.  

Rev. Bob Green (Harrisburg, PA)

We are a small congregation with an average attendance around 65 adults. Twelve years ago, we had a vibrant and energetic evangelism heart with an active evangelism committee. Over the years we hung thousands of door hangers inviting the neighborhoods around the church to events like Christmas and Easter for Kids, VBS, and special classes on doctrine.