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Nathan Strutz (Verona/Monroe, WI)

I have the privilege of serving as pastor at Resurrection Lutheran Church in Verona and Monroe, WI.  Several members from my church and I drove to Chattanooga to help a former vicar with a new mission start at Living Hope Lutheran in Chattanooga. We participated in the evangelism training provided by Praise and Proclaim Ministries.

Several weeks later, I attended a speed networking event in Fitchburg, WI. This is a community where our congregation is looking to start a new site. The training from Praise and Proclaim was perfect to share the Good News of our Savior Jesus in thirty seconds using the keywords I learned. I spoke with 30 people in less than an hour and had the chance to share the gospel with every single one of them. What a cool opportunity to plant so many gospel seeds!

I am thankful and appreciate the training I received from Praise and Proclaim and would recommend congregations to prayerfully consider utilizing this gospel ministry.

Rev. Nathan Strutz
Pastor, Resurrection Lutheran Church (Verona/Monroe, WI)

Jessica Becker (Greenwood, IN)

I had the unique and enriching opportunity to be event coordinator when Praise and Proclaim visited my congregation. 

Rev. Matt Pfeifer (Des Moines, IA)

Our evangelism lay leader is always looking for ways to get more people involved in evangelism. He found Praise and Proclaim and suggested that we use it.

Rev. Aaron Boehm (El Cajon, CA)

The transparent training we received through Praise & Proclaim Ministries was invaluable. Dave did not try to frame a fairy-tale type picture of evangelism as something that everyone is supposed to love and embrace with open arms. Rather, he helped us to acknowledge and embrace the fears that we all have, then gave us the gospel guts to witness courageously in spite of those fears.  

Rev. Bob Green (Harrisburg, PA)

We are a small congregation with an average attendance around 65 adults. Twelve years ago, we had a vibrant and energetic evangelism heart with an active evangelism committee. Over the years we hung thousands of door hangers inviting the neighborhoods around the church to events like Christmas and Easter for Kids, VBS, and special classes on doctrine.

Rev. Lincoln Albrecht (Goodyear, AZ)

I have experience canvassing and believe in it strongly. There are few better ways to build an identity in your community. For years I have tried to model what canvassing looks like and does. I have invited people to walk with me.

The strength of Dave’s teaching is in its simplicity. Many people see their pastor as an expert door-knocker or Jesus-talker, and so they think they never could do what he does. Dave breaks the process down into manageable chunks and sets their collective minds at ease. We had hoped to have a dozen come for the training and maybe six come back the next day for the canvassing. The Lord blessed us with seventeen attendees and double-digit canvassers for each of our three sessions. It was amazing to watch the fear melt away from their hearts and minds and encouraging to see the Gospel zeal kindled in them after they went out and shared God’s Word with our community. We were blessed with nearly 150 Gospel seeds sown and 43 prospects to follow up on.”  (Rev. Lincoln Albrecht, River of Life Lutheran Church – Goodyear, AZ)

Rev. John Herring (Garland/Rockwall, TX)

One Church At Multiple Sites!  You might think that means Divine Peace Church has two locations.  You’re right, but it means more than that.  After Praise and Proclaim provided training for about 40 of our members they have been using their training at more than just “two sites.” We continue to use their training to easily turn conversations into talking about their Savior.

Every month dozens of follow up calls continue to be made on prospects. While the fruits of this effort remain low for our kingdom (in our two earthly locations) the fruits for God’s kingdom (bringing people closer to Jesus) are flourishing.

I’ve been doing evangelism for years, but the training from Praise and Proclaim gave us all a very simple way to sharing the gospel with people. Having the outreach and evangelism emphasis gave us all a practical way to share Jesus’ love with people. Why? Because our church teaches that God loves everybody.  He loved us so much he sent Jesus to die for us to pay the penalty of all our sins.  And that gives us “Divine Peace!”  (Rev. John Hering, Divine Peace Lutheran Church, Garland/Rockwall, TX)

Brett Bengel (Citrus Heights, CA)

St. Mark’s in Citrus Heights, CA started working with Praise and Proclaim Ministries in early 2017. Working with Praise and Proclaim has reinvigorated the members of St. Mark’s to go with the gospel and invite family, friends, co-workers and even strangers to St. Mark’s. Dave Malnes’ simple but effective door-to-door system has given confidence to many church members to let their light shine. Praise and Proclaim has also shared with us a 9-month plan to continue to engage people in our community. With the help of Praise and Proclaim Ministries, St. Mark’s is moving forward in outreach and evangelism. We look forward to connecting with many new people in our community.” (Brett Bengel, teacher, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church and School, Citrus Heights, CA)

William Woodington (Andover, MN)

I deliver training for organizations all over the world. I have participated in training led by Dave Malnes as part of his outreach campaigns. Dave is an excellent trainer! I apply what I have learned from Dave by sharing the gospel during my travels for business.”  (William Woodington, Woodington Training Solutions, LLC)

Laurie Behrens (Westminster, CO)

The instructions given by Dave were clear and concise. Knowing what to say and do is half the battle when approaching a door. Finding the courage is giving by Christ who is with us as we proclaim his word. Thank you, Dave, for helping us trust in God for the courage to “Praise and Proclaim!”   (Laurie Behrens, lay member, Westminster, CO)