Rev. John Herring (Garland/Rockwall, TX)

One Church At Multiple Sites!  You might think that means Divine Peace Church has two locations.  You’re right, but it means more than that.  After Praise and Proclaim provided training for about 40 of our members they have been using their training at more than just “two sites.” We continue to use their training to easily turn conversations into talking about their Savior.

Every month dozens of follow up calls continue to be made on prospects. While the fruits of this effort remain low for our kingdom (in our two earthly locations) the fruits for God’s kingdom (bringing people closer to Jesus) are flourishing.

I’ve been doing evangelism for years, but the training from Praise and Proclaim gave us all a very simple way to sharing the gospel with people. Having the outreach and evangelism emphasis gave us all a practical way to share Jesus’ love with people. Why? Because our church teaches that God loves everybody.  He loved us so much he sent Jesus to die for us to pay the penalty of all our sins.  And that gives us “Divine Peace!”  (Rev. John Hering, Divine Peace Lutheran Church, Garland/Rockwall, TX)

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