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Christians give testimonies about Praise and Proclaim Ministries

Transformed in Christ.

Bold for Christ!

We equip thankful hearts to declare the message of the gospel.

These are the words that introduce the launching of Praise and Proclaim Ministries — but what are the words from Christians who have experienced an outreach campaign?

Here are a few quotes from pastors who experienced the methodology and approach utilized by Praise and Proclaim Ministries to teach and equip Christians on how to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“This was the most productive canvassing group that we’ve had. The maps and the law/gospel exchange enabled us to make the most of this opportunity. I would agree… “This is really cool!”  (Pastor, Pinehurst, TX)

“We have 39 new contacts as a result of the canvassing. The ministry team and a couple of lay members were able to follow up and invite them to come to our worship services.”  (Pastor, Katy, TX)

A few weeks ago, Praise and Proclaim Ministries helped a congregation in Idaho launch its second outreach campaign.  Pastor Howie Mohlke shares his thoughts,

Here are comments from teenagers who participated in a campaign:

“The whole week was truly a blessing! I got to go door-to-door sharing the Gospel which was an amazing experience. I think the most amazing thing about that was you always have the chance of bringing somebody to faith. I think I’ve grown personally as a Christian because I feel like after canvassing I have more confidence.” (Kaitlynn)

“It was an incredible experience for me because I got to share my beliefs with others while growing in my own faith. I met many fascinating people and enjoyed inviting them to church. Knowing that God was working through us to bring others to the faith make me so happy. I now feel even more enthusiastic about spreading the Word and getting stronger in my relationship with Christ.” (Ruby)

“Let me tell you it was an amazing experience! Some of the things that I said when I was talking to the people was absolutely amazing! The Lord was truly speaking through me to spread His Word! I loved sharing my faith with strangers. It was just such a cool experience to be able to tell people about my faith and what amazing things the Lord has done for you. I was so blessed to be able to share my faith with people!” (Sophia)

“It was truly amazing how I got to share my faith with others who did not know that Jesus Christ was their Savior. It has helped me grow stronger in my faith by professing it to others and to let them know that they can be saved if they believe in Jesus Christ. It was amazing how God strengthened my faith to profess what He has done to save us and to show others what He has done for all of us.” (Jessica)

“To say that being a part of this program was a huge blessing, would be true, but it goes way beyond that. I have never felt so close to my Lord before honestly. It is truly the greatest faith booster I have ever felt. It also has given me lots of confidence to just share God’s Word in everyday life.” (Hannah)

“I was able to spread the gospel to so many people over this past week. Seeing people really excited hearing about the church and the Word of God was a great sight to see.”  (Jazmaine)

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