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Using Metrics That Matter in Evangelism

We live in a society that is obsessed with metrics.

It can be frustrating when our rational mind is drawn to track things and uses numbers to gauge quality or success.

Metrics are routinely used in our jobs and distinguish success and failure.

Our congregations use numbers, too. We record worship attendance, school enrollment, budgets, and baptisms.

How we use metrics to measure success, or the magnitude of our impact can have a profound impact on outreach activity.

If we are not careful, numbers associated with our gospel ministry can either inflate our egos or deflate our willingness to be active in spreading the Word.

It’s critical to establish metrics that matter. When they are biblically accurate, proper metrics can foster gospel activity, curb pride, and help us to not lose heart when numbers don’t match our expectations.

It’s natural to desire or ask the Lord to provide adult baptisms and new members. We would give thanks to God, give him the credit – and feel energized to continue the work to further God’s kingdom.

But here’s the funny thing about numbers – it’s never going to be enough unless we apply metrics that matter.

If we feel depressed or anxious when it seems that the needle isn’t moving with our outreach efforts, then it’s a good exercise to pause and re-consider evangelism success.

Here are some types of metrics that matter and help sustain gospel activity:

  • Utilize numbers as an evaluation tool for outreach activity to determine if you ought to try something different for the sake of the gospel.
  • Concentrate on that one gospel activity that we enjoy doing and joyfully strive to excel in that one activity. It’s better to be great at one thing than mediocre in many things.
  • Understand that meaningful gospel activity is time well-spent. Showing up to serve is a metric worth counting rather than who shows up to attend a congregation’s outreach event.
  • Evangelism success will be clearly defined, recorded, and broadcasted by gospel activity – not results. Activity is a metric that we can control while trusting that God is in control of how people respond to the gospel.
  • Celebrate gospel activity that focuses on spreading the gospel. Pause and give thanks before moving on to the next task or event.

It’s important to feel good about what we do. Numbers can be seen as fruits for our efforts that only God provides. Since success is not a reward for faithfulness, it can’t be used as a metric to define our value or impact.

Yet, God blesses activity. We can take joy in planting seeds of the gospel and pointing people to the message of the gospel. It is a good exercise of our faith.

Ultimately, our mission-minded attitude can sharpen its laser focus to bring as many people as possible to heaven through the power of his Word rather than trying to increase numbers at our congregation.

That’s a metric that matters.

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