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What is One of the Biggest Obstacles in Evangelism?

The fear of failure.

It is such an isolating feeling. When the Lord prompts us through his Word to be his witnesses, we often find ourselves shrinking back into the fold. It feels much safer there.

Faith dares to fail. Personal evangelism is scary because we put ourselves out there and quite often, we feel like failures. 

We fear that we will mess up, look like a bumbling fool, or jeopardize a person’s salvation by saying the wrong thing.

Failure is often tied into our definition of evangelism success. We fear how a person may respond. And if they don’t respond positively to our attempt to plant a seed of a gospel, we feel like a failure.

We must have blown it! God asks his redeemed children to deliver a message on his behalf, even though he does not need us. He grants opportunities for us to exercise our faith in a meaningful way.

He allows us to participate in a higher purpose — to bring as many people as possible to heaven. We deliver a message and God works through the message to bring faith.

Our success is entirely based on delivering a message of Good News with love and respect.

This truth ought to take all the pressure off us, but we still struggle with fear.

Faith in Christ is intensely personal. Evangelism requires us to be transparent and reveal our convictions, beliefs, and trust in God’s promises — and that can be uncomfortable and scary. It’s risky to be so vulnerable. It can feel like jumping off a bridge into unknown depths.

Faith dares to fail because Christ — who is the object of our faith — always delivers on his promises and assurances. He is with us.

It is always a resounding victory whenever we step out in faith to share our faith with others. It is an amazing success that will cause the heavenly hosts to rejoice!

When we proclaim the gospel, it will not make us more dearer to God or more valuable in the total scheme of advancing God’s kingdom.

Take that step of faith because faith dares to fail.

And trust that it will be okay.

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