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Faith Lutheran Church

Alaska is known as the last frontier. It’s unique, rugged beauty makes it an appropriate moniker. 

But I think there is another reason. Right now, Anchorage is becoming a “last frontier” for a variety of different people from different ethnic backgrounds.

It is striking to see how the city is being transformed into a multi-ethnic community.

Faith Lutheran Church in Anchorage, AK has positioned itself to take full advantage of this changing demographic.

About Faith Lutheran Church

Founded fifty-two years ago, the sanctuary of Faith Lutheran Church was built in the outskirts of the Anchorage. The congregation now sits on a busy four-lane street across from the YMCA and surrounded by office structures and single-family dwellings.

In conjunction with the growing multi-ethnic community, Faith Lutheran Church serves three congregations under the same roof. The Anglo members worship on Sunday morning, followed by a Spanish-speaking congregation at noon. A growing Hmong congregation meets on Sunday afternoons.

COVID-19 has had an impact on the congregation. Months before the virus arrived, the congregation made the agonizing decision to close its K-8 school, but still has an active preschool. People are still wary to gather for public worship, but the interest and commitment among members remains high.

Evangelism Training

Board of Home Missions provided a grant for Praise and Proclaim to come and provide evangelism training for Faith Hmong’s mission congregation, but the entire Faith congregation was welcome to participate.

The goal for the outreach initiative (November 6-8th) was to provide training for members, so they may feel equipped to engage the public and family members and confidently proclaim all that God has done for us.

In conjunction with the outreach initiative, the district mission board collected addresses for every Hmong household in the Anchorage area. Based on current population estimates, there are about 3,000 Hmong who live in the metropolitan area. Our goal was to provide a face of the congregation at their doors, plus provide a free bag of groceries for them or a family member in need. This was not just an evangelism activity, but an opportunity for members to step outside their comfort zones and receive a meaningful outreach experience.

Members from Faith Lutheran also went to apartment complexes a few blocks from the congregation to provide an invitation to attend a Bible class.

Faith Hmong

Rev. Pao Moua and his wife, Mai, arrived in Anchorage in 2009 to be a full-time missionary. The Lord has blessed his work. The congregation now has over 80 members.

It was impressive to see many members from Faith Hmong participate in the outreach initiative. This can be attributed to Pastor Moua and the strong leadership at Faith Hmong Lutheran. Entire Hmong families participated in the outreach initiative – including the children. Without the strong leadership, this level of participation would not have been possible.


It was impressive to see the number of members from Faith Lutheran come and participate.

It is exciting to see how the Lord is blessing the work of Rev. Chris Ewings and Rev. Nathan Wagenknecht. A solid foundation is being built to communicate the gospel.

There is a group of wonderful, faithful members who are eager and ready to roll up their sleeves and spread the Word in the community surrounding Faith Lutheran.

 “Thank you so much, Dave, for being a part of our ministry team this weekend. It was wonderful to begin our partnership with you. As you’ve been that spark plug for so many, may the Lord continue to bless your efforts to turn plans into practice, to turn ambivalence into action and good ideas into “go” ideas. It’s a joy to serve Jesus with you!”

Rev. Christopher Ewings, Faith Lutheran Church

The Details

Anchorage, AK

November 2020

There is a group of wonderful, faithful members who are eager and ready to roll up their sleeves and spread the Word in the community surrounding Faith Lutheran.

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