Read how congregations are continuing to plant the seeds of the gospel in their communities.

Grace Lutheran - Kenai, AK

Dave and Lori,
I thought you’d like to know that the members of Grace did more canvassing last Saturday and today. We went around reminding neighbors of daylight savings tomorrow and giving them a bag of “Grace Grogg” from Berre’s Brothers in Watertown, WI ($1/bag for us to purchase and customize). Everyone who received a bag was very appreciative and expressed their thanks (some remembered us as the church that gave them a 9 volt battery give away flyer). We also gave a flyer advertising our “Jerusalem Experience” and Easter service. Last Saturday 6 of us went out for 2 hours and had 9 gospel seeds planted. Today 6 of us went out again for 2 hours (but moved it to the afternoon instead of late morning) and had the opportunity to plant 29 gospel seeds. Two people said they would come to our church this Easter. And one family requested more information on the school for their children. So, we’re still going strong at Grace and growing in our confidence to share our faith. Thanks again for the evangelism boost!
In Him,
Rob, Grace Lutheran, Kenai, AK

Portland Praise - Portland, OR

Portland Praise go out proclaiming every quarter!

Read their last newsletter –

Summary Portland Praise March 2018


St. Mark's Lutheran, Citrus Heights, CA

Praise and Proclaim Ministries launched an outreach initiative in the spring of 2017.

March, 2018

Hi Dave!

Blessings from northern California!

God is so good and blessed our event with no rain and 30 Mighty Warriors that shared 413 invites, 56 Gospel seeds planted and 3 contacts! There are still a couple of maps out but wanted to share this with you! Thanks again for your ministry and program.

Oh, and there were 9 first time Mighty Warriors in this group that went out! That is very exciting to me!

Jim Oswald, Laymember

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