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Rev. Aaron Boehm (El Cajon, CA)

The transparent training we received through Praise & Proclaim Ministries was invaluable. Dave did not try to frame a fairy-tale type picture of evangelism as something that everyone is supposed to love and embrace with open arms. Rather, he helped us to acknowledge and embrace the fears that we all have, then gave us the gospel guts to witness courageously in spite of those fears.  

While opinions may differ about the “return on investment” merits of canvassing, there is an undeniable satisfaction that comes with taking the initiative to intentionally sow seeds of the gospel instead of waiting for others to come to us to hear it. Furthermore, focusing on the seed-sowing and not the immediate results frees us from disappointment and discouragement. It allows us to celebrate what we can control, while leaving up to God the results that only he can control.

(Rev. Aaron Boehm, The Way Lutheran Church, El Cajon, CA)


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