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Praise and Proclaim Ministries introduces a powerful approach to share the gospel

The purpose of Praise and Proclaim Ministries is to train Christians on how to share the gospel, so they may joyfully declare, “I can do this!”

But it doesn’t stop there!

We immediately provide a meaningful opportunity to exercise their training by organizing and conducting an outreach campaign in their own community. The results are amazing!

From of a heart of thanksgiving for what Christ has already done for us, Christians receive a Spirit-filled desire to share this gospel message to the world.

Many Christians feel ill-equipped to personally take part in carrying out the Great Commission. Typically, fear causes us to excuse ourselves or we get too wrapped up in our busy lifestyle.

Praise and Proclaim Ministries confronts these barriers to proclaim the gospel by providing wonderful opportunities for Christians to exercise spiritual muscles that God has given them.

Through well-organized outreach campaigns and in-depth training, our ministry helps to overcome fears, instill confidence, and receive the joy of being God’s messenger. A spiritual transformation takes place when Christians capture the zeal for evangelism and realize that God can use them to help bring a lost soul to saving faith in Jesus Christ.


Our approach attempts to simplify the proclamation of the gospel.

Utilizing Praise and Proclaim’s non-confrontational methodology, Christians are finding it easier to step out of their comfort zone. By mastering the basics of sharing the gospel, Christians grow in their ability and become more and more comfortable to share the gospel with anybody. Comfort graduates to confidence, especially for those who feel timid at first.

When a person learns how to share the gospel with a stranger, they will be bolder to take the next step and share the gospel with a friend or family member.

The Engage-Proclaim-Invite methodology from Praise and Proclaim Ministries helps pastors to train lay members to be active participants in sharing the gospel. There is nothing more powerful for a congregation when its members embrace an outreach mindset.

The approach for Praise and Proclaim Ministries is to organize outreach campaigns so we may engage, encourage, and equip more and more Christians to be more active in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with others.








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Praise and Proclaim partners with congregations to help train members and leaders how to comfortably and confidently proclaim the gospel.

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