The primary objective behind every outreach initiative is to prepare Christians to verbally proclaim the message of the gospel. Everything we do centers on providing an opportunity for Christians to comfortably and confidently do that. Based on the number of outreach initiatives the Lord has allowed Praise and Proclaim Ministries to provide, we are receiving feedback from participants that they are having a meaningful experience.

  1. The production of all outreach materials serves as a means for Christians to ENGAGE the community.

  2. Christians are trained how to transition to PROCLAIM the message of the gospel.

  3. After planting the seeds of God’s Word, Christians INVITE people to come to an event at church.

Each outreach initiative conducted by Praise and Proclaim Ministries attempts to facilitate the strategy, vision, and mission of a congregation. But the object of every initiative is still the same. We train congregation members how to provide a short message of the gospel and engage a person on what Jesus has already done for us.


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