Are you prepared to proclaim?

Join us for a 4-week, live online Bible study on evangelism.

When God has provided opportunities to speak, have you remained silent?

Our spirit is willing, but we tend to be distracted, busy, or even disillusioned. And sometimes, we feel isolated and alone when it comes to spreading the Word in our community.

It doesn't have to be that way!

In my experience, Christians tend to place way too much emphasis on themselves rather than trusting God's promises. That's what this four-lesson evangelism course is all about. Receive instruction. Be encouraged. Feel supported and empowered to be God's messengers during this unique time.

Here's what we'll cover.

Lesson One

Preparing to Proclaim

Tuesday, August 16  •  7:30 PM CST

Why is evangelism so uncomfortable and intimidating for many Christians? Jesus' disciples struggled too. We will examine how Jesus prepared his disciples to proclaim the gospel. 

Lesson Two

Trusting God's Promises

Tuesday, August 23 •  7:30 PM CST

Proclaiming the gospel requires a miracle, because it's completely unnatural. Like walking on water, the ability to be an evangelist can only come from Christ. How can we be a consistent witness?

Lesson Three

What do I say?

Tuesday, August 30 •  7:30 PM CST

Christians tend to put too much pressure on themselves on what to say rather than trusting the power in the Words that are proclaimed. We will discuss how this adjustment makes a huge difference.

Lesson Four

Defining Success

Tuesday, September 6 •  7:30 PM CST

What causes congregations to stall in their efforts to proclaim the gospel in their community? What causes us to stop our gospel activity? We will discuss the importance of defining evangelism success.

Leader & Bible Study Author

Dave Malnes

I believe that right now is an amazing opportunity to give reasons for the hope that we have in Christ. There are people who simply don't know what Christ has done for us or ever heard a clear gospel message. Please join me as I review our on-line Bible study on evangelism.


This online Bible study might be for you if...

You feel ill-equipped or uncomfortable about personal evangelism.
You would like to be more active in carrying out the Great Commission, but have little experience.
You struggle with fear that causes you to remain silent instead of being God’s messenger.
You would like to learn more about how Praise and Proclaim trains people to be evangelists.

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