Digital outreach made easy
this Christmas.

Broaden your audience this Christmas.

A Digital Impact to Proclaim Christ's Birth

It’s time to broaden your audience to deliver Good News. With more people spending time online, congregations are finding success with digital channels that connect with people.

Praise and Proclaim has helped many congregations include digital evangelism as part of their overall strategy. By combining social media advertising with custom webpages, congregations are embarking on new modes to deliver a gospel message throughout their community.

This Christmas, we will do all the work for you to build an online digital outreach tool that invites your community to come celebrate Christmas and proclaim a message of true hope in Christ.


We have run two digital ad campaigns through Praise and Proclaim, and both times, we have found it extremely beneficial.

Creating a landing page, coming up with a free gift to incentivize people to leave their contact information, and setting up all the Facebook and Instagram ads would have taken me hours just to do what the Praise and Proclaim team does for us.

On top of saving me valuable ministry hours, the digital ad campaign got our church, and more importantly the gospel, in front of thousands of people online.

Pastor Andrew Nemmers
Hope Lutheran Church • Houston, TX

What's Included

Christmas Digital Campaign

We will construct a digital campaign to reach thousands of people in your community.

  • Development of a custom web page for your congregation that features a message from your pastor and Christmas service information.
  • Design of a half-page invitation for congregations to print and utilize for personal evangelism.
  • Produce and oversee a digital advertising campaign on Facebook to drive people to your web page.
  • Detailed instructions to help your congregation utilize these tools in outreach this Christmas.

We are pleased to offer a digital supplement to your congregation's Christmas outreach for a set-up fee of $550 + $250 Facebook advertising budget, for a total investment of $800 to reach and interact with a broad digital audience in your community.

A digital outreach campaign is an easy and valuable addition to your outreach strategy at Christmas, all professionally done by Praise and Proclaim, all within your budget.

They will help you send your video gospel message to hundreds or thousands of people in your community, while also providing an opportunity to capture valuable contact info for follow up or on-going invites.

We participated in Praise and Proclaim's Easter digital campaign and several members commented about the professional landing page, the great handout to share with people, and for the shy ones, an opportunity to share the gospel in a way they were comfortable doing.

Pastor Jeremy Belter
Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church • Candelas, CO

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