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In the Spotlight

Our human nature has a love-hate relationship with spotlights.

We love attention but hate what the attention brings. Perhaps this may be a reason why evangelism is so difficult.

Deep down we desire to proclaim Christ to others, but the thought of stepping on a stage and into a blinding spotlight causes fear and panic.

We hide because we don’t like to be labeled:

  • as a hypocritical fraud.
  • as a Christian who lacks knowledge.
  • as an intolerant fool.

Evangelism is a willing sacrifice to place ourselves in the spotlight. It means sharing what is intensely personal and most important in our lives. That vulnerability gives us pause.

And sometimes, we think that we will only have one chance to get it right. We build up pressure within ourselves for that one critical moment, then mercilessly beat ourselves up afterwards when that moment felt too awkward and didn’t go as planned.

If the spotlight appears intimidating, please remember this truth:

There is no such thing as a spotlight when it comes to proclaiming the gospel.

In Christ, the Light is always on.


By faith – trusting in God’s promises – you are placed on a stage in this world. By a Christian’s profession of faith, people watch closely. By a Christian’s confession, people carefully observe.

Therefore, a believer in Christ steps on stage again and again.

The spotlight is a constant reality. It’s like the sun. Whenever we step out into the world, we are in the light of Christ. There is no darkness in Christ. He cannot be hidden. Whether we like it or not – aware of it or not – faith in Christ means always walking in the Light.

Evangelism may feel like we are walking into the spotlight for the first time. We tiptoe onto the stage whether we feel prepared or not. But here’s the deal. When you tiptoe on stage to proclaim the gospel, you can learn to get comfortable there. You can learn to see the audience who are lost and without hope rather than be concerned with how you may look. You can learn to embrace the spotlight and the stage. Because our fear is based on thinking we don’t belong there.

“The best thing you can do is turn the spotlight you fear into the sun you’re warmed by.”

David Sherry

A life in Christ means we have an audience of One.

It’s his opinion – his approval – that really matters. Like a beaming parent, he watches his children take wobbly steps onto a stage. It’s not about how we perform, but the fact that we showed up. His unconditional love is perfect and will never be taken away.

There has never been a better time to deliver a message of true hope and peace about what God has done for us.

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