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Houston, TX 03-2016

Praise and Proclaim Ministries concluded a three-day campaign to share the gospel door-to-door in five separate communities in Houston. Teenagers from California, Illinois, and Wisconsin traveled to Texas on their spring break to take part in this outreach campaign.

One of the greatest joys for our ministry is to train Christians and watch them step out in faith to share their faith with others. When teenagers are givethe opportunity to be a part of an organized campaign and receive proper training, they are amazing at sharing the gospel!

This was especially true in Houston, TX!

On Thursday morning, March 10th, the teens and adults gathered together in Katy, TX to be trained on how to share the gospel in a door-to-door campaign. Praise and Proclaim Ministries taught our Engage-Proclaim-Invite methodology to help participants provide a comfortable, non-confrontational approach to share the Good News. A “Finding Freedom” postcard was mailed out seven to ten days before the campaign started. People were trained to utilize the postcard to give a reason to be at the door by asking whether or not they have seen it in the mail. This enabled the participants to transition to proclaim a brief gospel message that was followed up by an invitation to a specific event.

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Participants were trained to utilize this half-sheet invitation to proclaim the gospel message and invite people to a specific event.

The teenagers who came to Houston embraced the methodology and approach. In fact, teenagers are terrific at going door to door and sharing the gospel. When adults opened the door, they are impressed to discover a confident and joyful 16 year old who are willing to share their faith. The people are more willing to respect and listen to a teenager rather than a middle-aged adult. The key is training teenagers to nail the first fifteen seconds at the door, so they are not hesitant or awkward.


Students from California Lutheran High School (Wildomar, CA) joined members from Victory of the Lamb Lutheran Church in Katy, Texas.


Students from Illinois Lutheran High School (Crete, IL) help A Mighty Fortress Lutheran Church in Fulshear, TX to share the Good News.


Students from Winnebago Lutheran Academy (Fond du Lac, WI) help share the gospel at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in a community west of Houston (Copperfield).


Students from Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School (Jackson, WI) traveled northwest of Houston and helped Abiding Faith Lutheran Church to share the gospel in Pinehurst.


The trained evangelists came to Christ the Lord Lutheran Church (Alief) to help share the gospel to a largely Hispanic community.

During each day of the campaign, the teams of two people were encouraged to record every divine opportunity they were given to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with a person at the door.  With numbers still coming in, we rejoice that the Lord has enabled twenty-three teens and seventeen adults to share the gospel with 776 people during the campaign.

This outreach campaign was held in conjunction with the ministry of Kingdom Workers who provided valuable assistance in coordinating the number of partners involved with this project.

Campaign update 3/17/16

The goals and objectives of every outreach campaign Praise and Proclaim Ministries conducts is three fold:

  1. Train and equip Christians on how to verbally proclaim the gospel with anyone.
  2. Provide a meaningful opportunity to put their training into action by providing a well-organized, door-to-door experience.
  3. Organize congregations so that participating members can continue to “connect and engage” with prospects and visitors.

We rejoice that a participating congregation in Katy, TX is already incorporating its members to connect and engage with the 47 prospect families who were uncovered during this campaign and expressed great interest at their door to learn more about the gospel.

Our ministry received a text from a high school leader (Illinois Lutheran) who shared with us that the students are already applying their training while travelling home. While checking in their baggage at the Houston airport, students joyfully and confidently planted the seeds of the gospel with an airline employee. And they were thrilled to do that!

A retired pastor, and former president of the seminary, wrote to tell us how much his grand-daughter (student at California Lutheran HS) enjoyed and appreciated the training and experience she received in Houston. She can’t stop talking about it!

The Details

Katy, TX

March 2016

We rejoice that a participating congregation in Katy, TX is already incorporating its members to connect and engage with the 47 prospect families who were uncovered during this campaign and expressed great interest at their door to learn more about the gospel.

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