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God uses our “small turfs of grass” to answer big prayers

It’s funny how much smaller everything looks then what you remember as a child. It reminded me how often we tend to miss a big God in the smallness of everyday life.

I visited my boyhood home in the Seattle area over the weekend. I walked where I walked as a boy. I saw where I played. I stayed in the bedroom where I lived.

Like a child, difficult circumstances can appear so big when you are in the midst of them.  It’s only after a season of time, growth, and maturing that we can bring ourselves back to those difficult circumstances and see just how small they were.

This thought came to me when I returned to my childhood home last weekend. I took a few minutes to stand in the front yard and look at that tiny patch of grass that served as my football field. Dreams were hatched on that small field. Coupled with grass stain knees and scraped elbows, I remember picturing myself as the next Terry Bradshaw or Roger Staubach. I wore my football jersey. I pretended my stocking cap was my helmet. I scored touchdown after touchdown while providing my own crowd roars to celebrate. I won game after game with last minute heroics.  It was on this hallowed piece of turf that I spent countless hours playing football.


Doesn’t it look small now? You may wonder, “How could a boy do anything on such a small piece of turf?”

It doesn’t matter the size or the place — boys don’t need much to dream big dreams.

Believers don’t need much to pray big prayers. We trust God’s hand is there to answer them.

And when the Lord provides us opportunities to go back and see that small patch of turf where our knees were soiled with prayers, our shirts stained with tears, our scrapes and hurts healed from days gone past, we clearly see that our problems were quite small and our God is quite big.

When was the last time you were able to see a big God answer your prayers? I would appreciate reading your responses.



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