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What are the greatest benefits a church receives from canvassing?

Whenever congregations reach out and connect face-to-face with members of their community, the Lord uses that activity to shine His light and reveal His presence through those who believe and remain in Him. Canvassing a local neighborhood accomplishes that.

There is joy when a lost soul receives faith as a result of canvassing. A family who leaves nearby may accept an invitation to come to a church event or a worship service and hear the gospel. That is a great benefit the Lord provides through the power of His Word.

I would like to suggest that there is even a greater benefit that many churches often overlook.

All believers respond to God’s call to announce the good news of God’s love for the world when they give voice to the gospel and witness to others.

Increasing church membership is a direct benefit from outreach activities, but that should not necessarily be the number one goal. Evangelism is not about statistics. It is all about a lost soul receiving citizenship to heaven. When this becomes the over-riding concern for all outreach activities, a congregation will receive benefits that are often overlooked.

One of the greatest benefits a congregation will receive is when members are trained on how to proclaim the gospel when they go door-to-door.

This activity no longer becomes canvassing a neighborhood, but proclaiming the gospel. I believe there is a huge difference that will have a great impact on a congregation.

Why? There is power in the verbal proclamation of the gospel. The experience of being God’s messenger and providing a short gospel witness is transforming. It is a spirit-filled adventure when Christians step out of their comfort zones, conquer their fears, and realize that evangelism is not about the person, but Christ in us. The impact on Christians directly translates into a benefit for a congregation. They help provide outreach momentum for a congregation. They not only volunteer for future outreach activities, but actively recruit other members to participate. They not only participate in future opportunity to proclaim the gospel, but will help lead and organize the activity. They readily volunteer the assist the pastoral team in carrying out visits with people who express interest to learn more about the congregation.

The greatest benefit a congregation receives from members who have received a meaningful experience in proclaiming the gospel is a core group of Christians who have a zeal for reaching the lost – and are willing and able to do it.

The key is preparing how to fully utilize Christians who have captures a zeal for the lost in order to continue the outreach momentum.

How can a congregation to take full advantage of the benefits associated with door-to-door witnessing?

  1. By producing first-class materials that are well-designed and have thought-provoking gospel messages, the congregation will receive credibility and be fully utilized by those who are trained to verbally share the gospel.
  2. When the door-to-door proclaiming is well-organized and people receive solid training, the participants will receive a meaningful experience.
  3. A congregation will position themselves to receive benefits from a campaign when the evangelism committee have established a well-organized system to continue to connect and engage with prospects and visitors.
  4. When a congregation focuses its goals on outreach activities they can control, namely planting the seeds of the gospel, they can trust that the Lord will lead and guide these activities to further His kingdom.
  5. A door-to-door witnessing campaign helps build a bridge between the congregation and the member of the community who needs Christ.
  6. A well-organized door-to-door witnessing campaign allows many Christians to fulfill what they have always desired to do – to carry out the Great Commission. When Christians receive a well-organized opportunity and great training, a sign of outreach momentum is when the participation increases to go out door-to-door proclaiming instead of canvassing.
  7. When congregational members learn how to proclaim the gospel with strangers, and overcome the fears and trepidation associated with evangelism – they become far more inclined to tackle the “fear of follow-up” and help the pastor continue to connect and engage with prospects and visitors.

The greatest benefit a congregation receives from a well-organized, door-to-door campaign that centers on proclaiming the gospel is a core group of Christians who are willing and excited to do it on a regular basis.

We can pray,

“Lord, may you count me worthy of your calling – so that by your power – you may fulfill every good purpose of yours and every act carried out that is prompted by your faithfulness. With fervent prayer and resolve to know nothing except Christ crucified – may the name of Christ be glorified in me according to your overflowing grace.”  [2 Thess 1:11-12]

This is part two of a five part series called “FAQ’s about canvassing”.

Part One: Is canvassing an effective way to do outreach?

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  2. […] What are the greatest benefits a church receives from canvassing? […]

  3. […] What are the greatest benefits a church receives from canvassing? […]

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