Helping You Witness

In Christ, we trust his promises. Through Christ, we proclaim his name. For Christ, we are his ambassadors. In his Word, we Witness Well.

Finding a Key to unlock the mystery of faith
A way to find delight in the fear of evangelism – it comes from an unexpected source
Does our image to the world reflect what God sees?
Praise and Proclaim Ministries leads teens to share the gospel in Houston
To Die for Christ or Live for Christ.. which is more difficult?
Praise and Proclaim Ministries launches outreach campaign in Phoenix
How pre-judging others has a serious effect on evangelism
Idaho Falls NINE
How evangelism rests on trust and what you possess
Is being a humanitarian enough to convey the full love of Christ?
As a child grabs a mother’s face, God lovingly grabs our attention
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Praise and Proclaim partners with congregations to help train members and leaders how to comfortably and confidently proclaim the gospel.