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Rev. Rob Guenther (Kenai, AK)

Praise and Proclaim was a great experience for us at Grace. For me as a pastor it was exciting to hear members say of evangelism, “Hey, that was a little scary, but not too bad. We can do this!” In large part, that was due to Dave’s approach and his training. One man had sworn off ever going door to door again because of previous bad experiences. But with some coaxing from me, he agreed to give Praise and Proclaim a try. After the training, he was not only ready to go, but took his 8-year-old son along with him. After the event, he said it was fun getting to share his faith and show his son that it wasn’t scary. What a difference Dave’s training made for him!  Now, the excitement for outreach and especially for evangelism is palpable around here. Members are now excited to share the Gospel with their friends, neighbors and community. That’s the biggest impact Praise and Proclaim has had on us: a renewed zeal to reach our neighbors with Jesus’ love! Since the event less than a month ago, we’ve gone out proclaiming twice more. We’ve planted even more “Gospel seeds” and have had a number of new visitors in just the last few weeks. We’re thanking God for these gifts and are planning ways to better follow-up on these first and second-time visitors. (Rev. Rob Guenther, Grace Lutheran Church, Kenai, AK)

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Praise and Proclaim partners with congregations to help train members and leaders how to comfortably and confidently proclaim the gospel.

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