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Jon Bauer (Mt. Horeb, WI)

Working with Praise and Proclaim was a great experience for us at Good News. For starters, the planning and other front-end work were all very organized. Dave always made us feel like he was completely on top of things and that the weekend would be a great success. He let us know exactly what to expect so that we could communicate that to our members.

Having tried quite a few different approaches to door-knocking and having seen strengths and weaknesses of each, I really appreciate Dave’s approach. He does a great job of letting attendees know exactly what we’re hoping to accomplish (and what we’re not). He puts the focus on sharing the gospel, knowing that each time we have a chance to do that it’s a success no matter how it’s received. Part of the beauty of this approach is that it also allows people to grow in their confidence as they share the gospel in other situations. Whether it’s some other church function, community event, or a casual conversation with a neighbor, the things we learn to say at the doorstep can be used in those situations too.

Finally, I appreciated the fact that Dave is a real person who understands real people and knows how to treat them. He doesn’t present an false or overly rosy view of what sharing the gospel is like. He isn’t the type of person that attendees have a hard time relating to. He doesn’t pretend as though what we’re learning to do isn’t difficult. This makes all the difference in giving people the courage to put their trust in God’s promises (rather than their own personality skills or character traits) and boldly plant gospel seeds!

Rev. Jonathan Bauer

Good News Lutheran Church, Mt Horeb, WI  (June 1, 2019)

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