Our training introduces the Praise and Proclaim methodology and approach for sharing the gospel.  The training lasts two and a half hours. Typically, congregations will have training from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Friday evening, followed by a morning and afternoon session of proclaiming the gospel the following Saturday. By Saturday evening, every participant will know how to confidently and joyfully employ our method of sharing the gospel at the door of a stranger.

The outline of our training session includes the following:

I. The First Fifteen Seconds

The most important aspect of being God’s messenger when proclaiming the gospel to strangers. It’s vital that a person gives their name, the name of their church, and why they are visiting.

II. How to Transition to Sharing the Gospel

The most important part of the visit!

III.  Extend an Invitation

Provide a call to action for the person at the door.

IV. Ways to Extend the Conversation

We offer suggestions on how to have a meaningful discussion with a stranger at their door.


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