Outreach Initiatives

Praise and Proclaim Ministries trains Christians to joyfully and confidently proclaim the gospel and immediately provides an opportunity to put their training into action by conducting a well-organized door-to-door outreach initiative.

Our ministry is passionate about training Christians to share the gospel. We know how challenging it is for Christians to translate training into action — especially with something as scary as evangelism. For this reason, our ministry leads participants with a well-organized and meaningful experience for Christians to step out in faith to share their faith with others. Our initiatives intertwine training with action. We come in to congregations to teach and show how to joyfully and confidently share the gospel.

Our ministry is not about teaching congregations how to canvass. Instead, our focus is on training Christians how to share the gospel.

We begin every campaign with a thorough training session to prepare Christians for divine opportunities the Lord provides to deliver His message of salvation. We carry this out through providing a simplified approach, role playing and carefully examining the biblical role of an evangelist.

Our methodology, which we refer to as Engage-Proclaim-Invite, is the means by which Christians transition to sharing the gospel. We use outreach materials to engage people, then transition to a short gospel message. Every visit concludes with a specific invitation or a call to action.

Praise and Proclaim Ministry believes a well-organized outreach initiative helps create comfort for the participants. We strive to match the expectations by providing a meaningful experience for every participant and actively prepare a congregation to continue our methodology in the months ahead.


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