By focusing on God’s promises, we can trust that the Lord will bless our work in ways that we can never imagine. The Lord blesses activity. Sometimes, the Lord allows the outreach work of a congregation to be blessed with a lost soul receiving Christ and become a baptized member. Most of the time, we will never know the impact of our witnessing until we get to heaven. By focusing on God’s promises instead of our expectations, we can joyfully and confidently proclaim His name and leave the results to Him.

Through our experience of organizing and launching outreach initiatives, we have seen congregations receive the following benefits when its members receive training to share the gospel:

Help Christians conquer their fears and inhibitions of evangelism and do something they have always wanted to do.

We believe that sharing God’s Word is not about the Christian, but the power of the Holy Spirit working within and through the Christian. That makes all the difference. When we change the focus away from ourselves and on the cross, the perfect love of Christ drives out fear.

Help Christians receive the joy of being used by God to personally share the message of salvation with an unbeliever.

We believe that evangelism is not so much about WHAT we share, but WHO we are introducing. That perspective changes the dynamic of what we are doing. Our training is like a spring baseball camp. We focus on mastering the fundamentals of sharing God’s Word. A Christian will grow in their confidence and ability through experience. For this reason, we provide an opportunity for Christians to receive a positive and rewarding experience. This is what our outreach initiatives are all about.

Help congregations by providing expertise and knowledge in producing first-class outreach materials.

We believe that the quality of outreach materials that a congregation produces is reflective on the value they place on what Christ has already done for them. It gives credibility to their witness. It’s that important! Through our knowledge and experience, we can save a congregation time and resources by providing quality outreach materials for their outreach initiatives.

Help congregations by providing expertise and knowledge of organizing door-to-door opportunities to proclaim the gospel that are meaningful for its members.

There is something powerful when congregational members provide a face for their church at the door. When the visit includes a short proclamation of the gospel and an invitation to a specific event at the church, we believe that will have a lasting impact. When a core group of members are actively participating in outreach initiatives that includes the verbal proclamation of the gospel, the outreach-mindset of a congregation expands to a higher level.

Help pastors help accomplish their outreach goals by training members to participate in the ongoing work of connecting and engaging with visitors and people who express interest to learn more.

The greatest benefit an outreach initiative can bring to a congregation is when a core group of members emerge who are eager and ready to help in the ongoing work of connecting and engaging with people. The “Fear of Follow-up” has been taken away. Utilizing our methodology, the members who participate in an outreach initiative can help the pastoral team connect and engage with people who have visit on Sunday mornings or attend a community event at the church. Our ministry helps congregations and provides consultation so that they can continue the outreach momentum in a variety of ways.