Initiative Reports

Rev. Dan Schmidt (Tyler, TX)

If your church needs a spiritual shot in the arm, then Praise and Proclaim is for you!
Faith is a brand new church plant in Tyler, TX.  Most of our members have recently moved to the area so friendship evangelism has been slow going. President Dave Malnes came to our church and did a wonderful job of preparing our people (introverts and extroverts) for an amazing adventure of sharing Jesus in a concise and impactful way.  This training not only benefited our weekend campaign but has continued to bear fruit for current efforts. P&P’s method of sending out postcards ahead of time is genius!  Asking people if they had recently received the postcard allowed for a smooth transition into sharing the good news of Jesus with our community. As a direct result of the Holy Spirit’s work, two first time guests showed up for our worship service the very next day!  Your congregation and your community will truly be blessed by this ministry. (Rev. Dan Schmidt, Faith Lutheran Church, Tyler, TX)

Rev. Ben Ehlers (Temple, TX)

Praise & Proclaim Ministries served as a much needed catalyst for our outreach at Trinity Lutheran Church.
We had just discussed our outreach goals for 2016 when I was put in touch with Dave Malnes of Praise & Proclaim Ministries. Being a new pastor fresh out of the Seminary, I was a little hesitant to start too much too quickly. However, because Praise & Proclaim Ministries presents outreach in a very non-threatening way, I was pleasantly surprised to see more volunteers than expected at the training session – all of whom learned how easy it is to share their faith. They returned from going door-to-door with many exciting stories and the confidence needed to continue going out and sharing their faith. Praise & Proclaim Ministries also provided me with a great outreach model to use in the future as we at Trinity Lutheran continue to get to know our community. I have seen people more willing to volunteer and get involved with outreach events already planned for this year. (Rev. Ben Ehlers, Trinity Lutheran Church, Temple, TX)

Dr. Marty Stuebs (Waco, TX)

Pastor Daron Lindemann mentioned in a recent sermon that last year, 89% of Holy Word Pflugerville members wished they could witness and evangelize better. He mentioned that the Holy Spirit provides the opportunities and tools. Dave and Praise and Proclaim Ministries are such a tool. They provide an easy way to bridge from the “desire to witness” to the “action to witness”. (Dr. Marty Stuebs, Professor of Accounting, Baylor University, Member at Trinity Lutheran Church, Temple, TX)

Rev. John Ehlers (Peoria, AZ)

What a blessing Praise and Proclaim Ministries is proving to be.  Outreach campaigns can tend to be time consuming to prepare and implement. Then the follow up begins. Praise and Proclaim takes these campaigns off the back burner and out to the streets where the Gospel can be proclaimed. Their ability to plan, teach and implement an outreach campaign allows the congregation to concentrate their energy in the follow up and nurturing of prospects. I really appreciated the great quality materials and training centered on God’s Word. I pray many more congregations take advantage of this great tool.” (Rev. John Ehlers, Cross of Glory Lutheran Church, Peoria, AZ)

Rev. Ben Reichel (Fulshear, TX)

Praise and Proclaim Ministries has been a huge blessing to our new congregation.
As a brand new mission start, one of our greatest challenges was getting out into the community with the Good News of Jesus. Our members work long hours and commute long distances for not only work, but also to church. Finding times to go canvassing and spreading word about our new church was difficult. But for the past two years, the Praise and Proclaim approach has been great not only for our new church, but also for the high school students who help us out. Seeing them grow in their faith and in their confidence to share their faith with strangers has been a huge encouragement for me and for our members.” (Rev. Ben Reichel, A Mighty Fortress Lutheran Church, Fulshear, TX)

Rev. Nathan Buege (Katy, TX)

What I love the most about Praise and Proclaim Ministries involvement with our Houston mission campaign is that they help WELS Christians discover the joy of sharing Jesus.I think we have a significant number of people in our national church body who have a heart for reaching out to the lost, but have never done it before. They kind of want to, but they just don’t know how to begin. An outreach campaign is a great way for them to get started.

Practically speaking, our church would not be able to come up with outreach materials that look this nice. I hate all the behind-the-scenes busy work of conducting outreach events – especially the printing of canvassing maps and trying to stay organized. The professional-looking materials and behind-the-scenes organization were top-notch. From a pastor’s perspective, it makes conducting a mission campaign very easy. I’m able to spend my time with my people.”  (Rev. Nathan Buege, Victory of the Lamb Lutheran Church, Katy, TX)

Rev. Jonathan Semro (Houston, TX)

Praise and Proclaim ministries promises to equip a congregation with the tools and the words to say when going canvassing. They fulfilled their promises! We enjoyed working with Dave Malnes at every stage of the outreach event. Dave’s easy going yet organized spirit put is at ease going out into our neighborhood. God has richly blessed our efforts and prayers. We have had now twenty-five visitors at church since doing the canvassing a month ago. Thirteen were a direct result of the postcards and canvassing. Twelve were God bringing in blessings in ways we didn’t expect. Our evangelism team will continue to work with Dave as we work on follow up this next year. We thank God for the faithful work of Praise and Proclaim Ministries.” (Rev. Jonathan Semro, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Houston TX)

Rev. Craig Wasser (Salem, OR)

Our local mission boards were in need of a tool to better reach out to our new neighbors where we have planted churches. As leaders we also needed a better way to equip and train our missionaries and their members to share the gospel. God introduced us to Praise and Proclaim Ministries. A ministry tool that uses canvassing to share the gospel. A gifted director in Dave Malnes to train and model this method for sharing Christ. A plan that addresses both big and small details. We have worked with Praise and Proclaim Ministries and recommend this ministry to any congregation looking to become truly serious about sharing the gospel to their neighbors.  (Rev. Craig Wasser, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Salem, OR; Chairman, Pacific Northwest District Mission Board)

Rev. Jeremy Belter (Plano, TX)

As pastors we encourage and ask our people to share their faith.  If you’re like me, maybe you struggle with the thought, “How do I do that?” Praise and Proclaim provided an easy-to-use opportunity not only to receive that training but to immediately put it into practice.  Dave’s method of teaching is calm and inspiring. He loves his Savior and that is evident in his positive encouragement to all participants. He understands the power of the gospel and enables God’s people to take that power Word and share it. The excitement among our people who participated on Saturday’s outreach was through the roof. We’re thankful for the experience.  Now we have a team of people equipped to share their faith with guests to worship, community events, and even more door-to-door. Your outreach and people would benefit from using Praise and Proclaim.  (Rev. Jeremy Belter, Atonement Lutheran Church, Plano, TX)

Rev. Kevin Schultz (Coeur d’Alene, ID)

We wanted our new mission church to get off to a good start.  So we asked Dave Malnes of Praise & Proclaim Ministries to come and lead us in an outreach campaign in our community.  He trained our launch team how to go door-to-door and proclaim the gospel in a very simple way.  Then we put it into practice by actually going into our church neighborhood and doing it.  What a blessing this was for our launch team and for our new mission!  Not only did this campaign train our members how to share the gospel, but it also helped them to overcome their fears of witnessing.  In fact, three weeks later at our “End-of-Summer Fun Fest,” I watched as our launch team members continued to proclaim the gospel to the 200+ people from the community who attended the event.  I don’t think that kind of confidence would have been seen if it weren’t for the excellent training that Praise & Proclaim Ministries provided us.   (Rev. Kevin Schultz, The Vine Church, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho)