In-Person Training

Comprehensive personal evangelism training through weekend outreach initiatives.

How does evangelism & outreach work in a socially-distant, virtual world?

People are still searching for hope, security, and peace. Opportunities are abounding for people to hear the Good News.

Change is accelerating which is causing congregations to adapt in their outreach strategies. Personal evangelism is rising in its importance to spread the Word.

With those changes in mind, we're adapting our in-person training experience and outreach initiatives to help our members engage, invite, and proclaim the gospel. Here's how.


Initiative Goals

Every Praise and Proclaim outreach initiative is designed around a consistent set of goals. Hover or tap below to learn more.

Member Training

Members will be trained to comfortably gives reasons for the hope they have in Christ to anybody the Lord places in their life.

Follow Up Participation

Increase lay participation in follow up activities with prospects.

Digital Evangelism

Enhance a congregation’s on-line presence by incorporating digital evangelism training.

Online Community

Combine on-site training with supplemental on-line instruction.

Build Momentum

Cultivate long-term relationships with each congregation by providing additional training and organization through ongoing consulting.

Onsite Training

Preparing members to proclaim the gospel in everyday experiences.

Members will learn to utilize our evangelism methodology for their friends, neighbors, and family members. During the evening training, members will engage in a meaningful training exercise called “speed witnessing.”

Churches are discovering that there is an online audience who are viewing archived messages or watching streamed worship services. Churches will learn how to take full advantage of this new paradigm by conducting a digital evangelism campaign. Pastors will produce short messages on the church home page and members will learn how to engage and invite their community both in-person and online.


Outreach Initiative Experience

Providing a meaningful experience for members to immediately put their training into action is still a fundamental part of our evangelism training.

Right now, it’s important for members to feel safe while still engaging people in their community.

The on-site evangelism experience will include:

Grocery Outreach

This is a safe and proven gospel activity that my home congregation is already incorporating into our outreach strategy. It is a good way to start meeting people in our community by providing for the poor. It is an opportunity to introduce our church and provide a growing need during this pandemic crisis. It also can be a wonderful opportunity for members to give reasons for the hope they have in Christ.

  • We will visit low-middle income or lower income housing units.
  • We will introduce our congregation and express our thanksgiving for what Christ has already done for us on the cross.
  • We will ask people at the door if they could use a free bag of groceries or if they know somebody who could use a bag of groceries.
  • Members will be trained how to extend the conversation at the door and learn when it is appropriate or not.
  • When all the groceries have been given away, members will have the opportunity to go out into their neighborhoods to engage, invite, and proclaim.
Follow-Up Visits

Praise and Proclaim will lead members to engage people on the prospect list. The intent will be to provide a meaningful experience for members so that they will feel comfortable to participate in the future.

Congregations will also be trained how to gather prospects on-line through a digital evangelism campaign. They will learn how to utilize email platforms to connect and engage on-line visitors who expressed interest to receive resources or learn more about the congregation.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming to church and teaching Zion Lutheran Church how to bring Church to the people!

COVID-19 has so many in our community holed up inside their homes and as we found they are lonely, hurting and fearful. They are also yearning to hear Jesus loves them and there is a place they can come to hear his encouraging message."

Nils Johansson

Zion Lutheran Church
Columbus, WI

And now, thanks to a grant from the Antioch Foundation,

Praise and Proclaim will be providing:


Pre-Initiative training

Online evangelism Bible study and introductory webinar.


Post-Initiative Consulting

Ongoing evangelism training and consulting, including strategies for building outreach momentum through visitor follow-up, future outreach initiatives and more.

Start the Conversation

Learn more about how a partnership with Praise and Proclaim can start building outreach momentum in your community.