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There is nothing more invigorating for a congregation when they have developed a mission mind set and are actively proclaiming the message of the gospel to their friends, neighbors, and members of the community.

The outreach initiatives designed by Praise and Proclaim Ministries assists congregations by providing training to help enhance their outreach efforts and further their mission strategies. We help new mission congregations who desire to train their leadership team to help plant a new church. We help established congregations who either feel like they are spinning their wheels in their outreach efforts or desire to take their mission strategies to the next level.

What makes our outreach initiatives unique is that we tackle fear head-on in our training. We do not come to a congregation just to tell members one method on how to proclaim the gospel, we immediately provide an opportunity to put their training into action. We accomplish this by providing a well-organized and meaningful opportunity to practice proclaiming the gospel with real people by going out door-to-door. This experience allows members to realize that God delivers on his promises and that our methodology really works.

Praise and Proclaim prepares congregations before the outreach initiative to take full advantage of its training, so they can maintain outreach momentum. This includes:

Learning how to set the right goals and expectations

We help congregations establish goals that they can control. Believers cannot control how people will respond to the gospel. That is God’s work and his business. Believers can control the proclamation of his Word and organizing activities to do that as much as possible. Our outreach initiatives celebrate the gospel seeds that are sown to dictate success rather than the number of people who come to a worship service. That makes a huge difference. No longer frustrated by a perceived lack of results, members now enjoy the success of being God’s messengers. No longer motivated to gain new members, a congregation can be more intent on bringing as many people to heaven as possible through the power of his Word. This helps build a mission mind-set for a congregation.

Maintaining outreach momentum

We help congregations by providing a plan on how to continue to exercise their training. We start by helping congregations adopt a specific neighborhood with the intent that they will sow gospel seeds and nourish the ground for the next nine months. An event manual is provided to help a lay person work with the pastor and be responsible for on-site logistics. This manual includes detailed instructions both before and after the outreach initiative. Members will receive training on how to utilize specific tools to engage people and comfortably transition to sharing a short gospel message. When the outreach initiative is over, a congregation has been prepared to take advantage of a core group of members who are ready, willing, and excited to actively go out into the community and proclaim the gospel. This helps provide lasting outreach momentum for a congregation.

The Jericho Approach

When the Israelites came to conquer Jericho, the Lord instructed them to march around the city seven times before the walls came crumbling down. We assist congregations to implement the Jericho approach. This means that most unchurched families will need to have at least seven points of contact before the walls crumble down and they make a scary decision to visit your church. Follow-up is a key component for evangelism. We assist congregations by providing follow-up training in conjunction with the outreach initiative and a tool to help track the number points of contact with families who express interest to learn more. These follow-up activities make a huge difference with every evangelism activity.

We rejoice that the outreach initiatives produced and led by Praise and Proclaim Ministries is making a difference. God is using the training to accomplish his purpose and will for that congregation.

Please connect with me if you would like more information on how Praise and Proclaim Ministries can come and launch an outreach initiative at your congregation.

Dave Malnes
President, Praise and Proclaim Ministries

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