Launch a Digital Evangelism

Spread the Word to a new audience this Easter.

In conjunction with WELS Congregational Services and The Foundation Resources, Praise and Proclaim is providing an option to reach a digital audience this Easter.

Our intent is to provide congregations with an opportunity to include a digital outreach strategy as part of their overall evangelism strategy.

We are pleased to provide this service that is powerful, affordable, and we do all the work for you.

This campaign is more than just utilizing digital advertising – it’s developing tools and employing a strategy to deliver a gospel message to a unique on-line audience.

Join us this Easter and we help you deliver the good news that “He Lives”!

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Last Christmas, Praise and Proclaim coordinated digital evangelism campaigns for WELS Congregations in 22 states and two Canadian provinces.

Over a two week stretch, the campaigns combined to reach:

People Reached
Clicks to Landing Pages

Congregational Snapshot

King of Kings Lutheran Church

King of Kings Lutheran Church in Willoughby, Ohio launched a digital campaign that reached over 10,000 people. Pastor Jeff Duquaine shared:

King of Kings is a mission restart congregation and has not had success in getting much response to Facebook advertising in the past. With Praise and Proclaim's turn-key digital outreach program for Christmas, we received a couple hundred likes on the posts, several shares, and a number of new followers to our Facebook page, mostly from local people. The percentage of increase in views and reactions to the posts was in the tens of thousands!

The results were definitely worth the expense. We will be using Praise and Proclaim for digital outreach again.

We were doing social media advertising when we partnered with Praise and Proclaim.  Thankfully they were able to take our digital outreach to another level, and by God's grace we reached many more people in our community with their help. Their set up process was easy to follow and the resources they provided were all professional and excellent.

We're already planning on working with Praise and Proclaim again!

Pastor Craig Born
Risen Savior Lutheran Church • Navarre, FL

What's Included

Easter Digital Evangelism Campaign

We will construct and oversee a professional digital evangelism campaign that includes:

  • Development of a custom web landing page for your congregation that features a video message from your pastor and Easter service information.
  • Produce and oversee a digital advertising campaign on Facebook to drive people to your web page.
  • Customization of a free resource for people to download from the web page to allow people to connect with you.
  • Design of a half-page invitation for congregations to print and utilize for personal evangelism.
  • Detailed instructions to help your congregation build the campaign and utilize these tools in outreach this Easter.

We are pleased to offer a digital supplement to a congregation’s Easter outreach campaign for the cost of $800. This cost includes a $550 set-up fee and a $250 advertising budget.

Praise and Proclaim made our experience in participating in the digital evangelism campaign a great success! We reached thousands of people that would have never been possible without the expertise of Praise and Proclaim. The experience for our church was seamless. This is a no brainer for all churches!

Bill Woodington
Author, Whatever is True: A Christian View of Anxiety (NPH)
Member at Cross of Christ Lutheran Church • Coon Rapids, MN

The Details

Custom Web Page

We’ll design a custom web landing page that will feature a video gospel message from your pastor, free Easter resource, your Easter service information, and contact information for your congregation.

Hover over the screen to scroll the landing page. This is an example; landing page design subject to change.


The Details

Free Resource & Personal Tools

Your landing page will feature a free, customized Why Does Easter Matter? resource that visitors can download to learn more about Easter and the promises God has made to his people through Jesus' resurrection.

We’ll also provide a personalized half-page PDF file to be printed by the congregation* that includes a QR code to your web landing page. This can be hand-delivered to neighbors and friends.

*Cost of printing is not included in campaign fee.

The Details

Facebook Ad Campaign

We’ll produce and oversee a Facebook advertising campaign that invites people to your custom web page to hear a Christmas message from your pastor and an invitation to your Christmas service.

We recommend a $250 advertising budget. At the end of the campaign, we will provide results of your digital advertising campaign.

Social media ads are subject to change. Congregations will receive an opportunity to review all of the campaign elements prior to launch.


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