Praise and Proclaim Ministries trains Christians to share the gospel, so they may receive the joy of carrying out the Great Commission. Our approach helps prepare Christians for the adventure of being God’s messengers. This includes the following:

  1. We focus solely on the power of God’s Word to win lost souls for Christ.
  2. We place our trust in God’s promises and the Holy Spirit for boldness and strength.
  3. We build on the basics of witnessing so that Christians can grow in their confidence and ability.
  4. We provide a simplified approach that is loving and respectful towards the listener.
  5. We prepare Christians how to continue to plant seeds of the gospel after the campaign is over.

Our greatest joy is to provide Christians with a well-organized opportunity to exercise their spiritual muscles and share their faith with others. Our approach helps overcome fears, instill confidence, and receive the joy of being God’s messenger. Our goal is to have Christians capture the zeal for evangelism and realize that God can use them to help bring a lost soul to saving faith in Jesus Christ. By mastering the basics of sharing the gospel, Christians grow in their ability and become more comfortable and confident to share the gospel with anybody.

When a person learns a simple approach to share the gospel, they will be more confident to step out in faith and share their faith with a friend or neighbor.


Praise and Proclaim Ministries treats every outreach initiative in the same way a congregation treats a building project. When churches invest their time and resources into a building project they can expect to receive lasting value. The same approach can be applied to an outreach initiative conducted by Praise and Proclaim Ministries. Our approach prepares congregations to take full advantage of their training by enlisting members to continue to connect and engage with the community. This includes preparing a core group of congregational members to continue to connect and engage with visitors and people who express interest during the outreach initiative. Congregations benefit and receive lasting value when more of its members embrace an outreach mindset. This is the foundation we intentionally try to build for each initiative.

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