“Sing to the Lord, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day.”  (Psalm 96:2)

With a heart full of praise and thanksgiving for what Christ has done for us, believers can joyfully embrace opportunities to verbally proclaim the gospel to others. It is privilege for Praise and Proclaim Ministries to come and help congregations execute strategies to go out into world and share the message of salvation.

Our outreach initiatives are designed to serve congregations by:

1. Training members how to comfortably and confidently proclaim the gospel.

2. Provide a meaningful and well-organized experience for members to put their training into action by going door-to-door to verbally proclaim the gospel.

3. Equipping members to rely on the power of God’s Word to boldly and persistently go out into the community and proclaim the gospel message.

What is our methodology and approach?

Members who participate in our outreach initiative will learn how to utilize a simplified approach that is comfortable and non-threatening.

1. They will learn how to utilize tools to ENGAGE people and build a bridge of love and respect.

2. They will learn how to comfortably transition to PROCLAIM a short gospel message.

3. They will learn how to conclude with a call-to-action and INVITE people to come to a church-sponsored event.

How can this initiative benefit a congregation?

Evangelism is intimidating for many Christians. Our training tackles fear by discovering that evangelism is far more about the power of God’s Word than in our ability to proclaim it. For this reason, our training includes a component where member go out and experience what it means to trust in God’s promises. One of the most important promises God gives us is that his Word works. Believers trust that the harvest is plentiful and God needs sowers to spread the seeds of the gospel. When congregations focus on the activity of proclaiming the gospel, they trust that God will take care of the rest.

There is lasting value when congregations seek to advance God’s kingdom rather than seeking more members. Our desire is to help congregations build a gospel bridge to the community that will be walked across frequently in the months ahead. We refer to this as outreach momentum.

What does outreach momentum look like?

An outreach initiative helps “break the ice” of proclaiming the gospel by training members how to overcome fear and confidently give the reason for the hope they have in Christ.  Once experienced, they eagerly look forward to participating in future evangelism efforts.

When members feel equipped, they will more likely share the gospel with people whom the Lord has placed in their lives.  This includes friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

When members conquer fears of evangelism, they also conquer the “fear of follow-up”.  They will be more willing to participate with the pastor in following up with prospects and visitors.

When members are eager and excited about proclaiming the gospel, it provides a contagious interest for more members to participate in outreach activities.

What will a congregation receive from launching an outreach initiative?

An outreach initiative conducted by Praise and Proclaim requires a personal and financial investment on part of the congregation. When value is placed on an activity, a sense of ownership will have a dramatic effect on overall participation. The highest rate of return on investment will be largely based upon the level of participation. We will ask the Lord to bless the initiative with visible and encouraging fruits, but also understand that a definition of success is not what a congregation reaps, but how much the congregation sows. God is in control of results, congregations are in control of activity. For this reason, we end every outreach initiative with a celebration that center upon activity.

Praise and Proclaim highly emphasizes conducting an outreach initiative that is efficient and well-organized. Great care is given to work with a congregation to make that possible.  Praise and Proclaim will:

Evaluate the church website

Help in adopting a neighborhood

Produce evangelism materials

Assist in preparing detailed logistics for the event

Help in membership participation

Provide resources for follow-up with visitors and prospects

Provide on-site training

Oversee door-to-door proclaiming

To help build a gospel bridge that may have lasting value for a congregation, and have a well-organized, meaningful event, we divide an outreach initiative into two phases. The first phase begins approximately three months before the outreach initiative.

Optional Follow-up Training

Timely and consistent follow-up with visitors and prospects is an important component for every outreach endeavor. After a two-hour session of going door-to-door, members would receive training on how to implement our approach in making follow-up visit. The pastor will provide a list of names and addresses of families who have previously attended church in the past six months or participated in a church-sponsored event (e.g. VBS, Easter for Kids). Each proclaiming team will receive two-four addresses to put their training into action and make a visit.

Finishing Touches

A strong building project recognizes that one initiative is not the end, but just the beginning. A congregation will “finish strong” by paying attention to the finishing touches of this initiative that will require persistence, patience, and commitment.

The finishing touches of an outreach initiative includes:

Following through on incorporating the suggested nine-month plan in the event manual.

Adopting the “Jericho Approach” in follow-up with prospects who express interest at the door.  In today’s world, prospects will sometimes need approximately seven points of contact before the walls crumble and they make that scary decision to come to church.  A specialized file helps track those points of contact.

Committing to going out door-to-door to proclaim the gospel every three months (weather permitting).  This provides a wonderful exercise to gain more experience and to plant more gospel seeds.

As a member of the Praise and Proclaim family, participants will receive ongoing encouragement and instruction from a bi-monthly email, newsletters, and have access to any additional resources by our ministry to help enhance their ongoing outreach efforts.