Professional, well-designed outreach materials and advertising captures the attention of the community and allows an opportunity to proclaim the gospel. For Praise and Proclaim Ministries outreach campaigns, the outreach materials gives a reason for our trained evangelists to engage a neighbor, friend or family member.

6″ x 10″ postcards are mailed to a neighborhood seven to ten days before people visit their homes.



Professional looking outreach materials that provides a gospel message can also send other important messages as well. The look and design gives the congregation credibility and it can help reveal the seriousness of Christ’s message.

At Praise and Proclaim Ministries, we teach Christians how to transition from engaging a person to proclaiming a short gospel message. It is a methodology that works for proclaiming the gospel to strangers, friends, and neighbors.


For more information on how you can launch an outreach initiative at your congregation, send us an email at info@praiseandproclaim.com.