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Fear or Faith: Jesus is our Consumer

The fear behind unbelief is that we were already bought for at a price.

Grace is difficult – if not impossible — to grasp if we believe there is no such thing as a free lunch. Pride desires a payment plan or a fair reward system.

Considering Christ’s promises of what he has already done for us comes down to these questions:

How much am I worth?

If there was a price tag attached to my soul, what would it be?

Am I worth the price?

If Christ were an intelligent consumer, would he purchase me?

Unredeemed lives are products on display, hoping to be good enough to be chosen by God.

Time and energy is spent re-packaging a broken product. Yet, it does not negate the desire to be appreciated, acknowledged, or chosen.

That is why we have days when we feel like being placed on a clearance rack at Wal-Mart. Our value feels like its already been determined by the world and placed on a signboard overhead. We are compared, squeezed, sniffed, and judged. Clearance means it’s already been rejected many times before and the store just wants to be rid of it.

And sadly, there are too many people in this world who feel that way – despite the packaging.

Fear or Faith:  Jesus is our Consumer.

Our sense of fairness likes to think that all of our good works will be put on display on the day of judgment. God will walk down our aisle with a clipboard in his hand, peering closely at our craftsmanship, care, and expertise. Will we be judged worthy of a blue ribbon? Will we meet His standard? Did I present myself well? How do I compare with the others?

Physically speaking, we undervalue our worth.

Spiritually speaking, we far overvalue our status before God. In stark reality, we are not even close to meeting God’s standard for heaven.

Our pride has a hard time accepting that.

“You are not your own, for you were bought with a price.”

1 Corinthians 6:20

Christ’s substitution on the cross made heaven an attainable reality. Be perfect.

His payment was far more than our value, but that was the unreasonable price for the world to be redeemed.

Faith receives the full value of what we were not worth.

A redeemed life in Christ means that we are no longer on display to be purchased by God.

We have already been bought by Christ, our Almighty Consumer. That is the good news!

The secret of godliness is that we have been taken off the display table. In our place is Christ. He is our light. He is our salt. By remaining in Christ, we introduce the presence of Christ to the world.

A life in Christ displays the love of Christ. From him, believers receive the platform, the permission, the power, and the privilege of proclaiming his life – the Word.

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