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The Best Way to Test Yourself and Know Christ Lives in You

The most compelling promise given in the Bible for believers is that Christ lives in you. It is a reality that our human minds cannot comprehend. For the Spirit-filled Christian, Christ is no longer an abstract image looking down from the heavens, but a real presence absorbed in their day-to-day life.

How does a believer make Jesus more real in their life?

In those moments when the clouds of doubt threaten our soul – when trusting in God’s purpose seems impossible due to the mounting evidence of difficult circumstances – the presence of Christ seems profoundly abstract.

How do I grow in the knowledge and assurance of God’s promises? How do I know that Jesus Christ is living in me?

The Bible tells us that we first ought to have a spiritual examination. Much like a doctor who treats us when we are sick, or even performs a physical when we are well – a soul needs regular examination. We are encouraged to examine ourselves before partaking in the Lord’s Supper (1 Corinthians 11:28). This opens our hearts to be reminded, be repentant, and be renewed in His righteousness. We are also encouraged to ask the Lord to examine our hearts and minds (Psalm 139) and reveal any anxious thoughts or impure motives. His Spirit through His Word gently corrects, reminds, or sometimes harshly rebukes our prideful self.

When teachers of the gospel come into our midst, the Scriptures forewarn believers to judge them by their fruits. Compare what they teach to God’s Word, but make judgements on how they live their lives. Fruits of the Spirit reveal the inner qualities of Christ living in a parched soul that continually hungers and thirsts for His righteousness instead of their own. By remaining connected to the Vine, a believer cannot help but grow visible fruit. When words are backed up by actions, a believer can proclaim “Taste and see that the Lord is good!” Lost souls who are inwardly hungering and thirsting for truth, but keep looking to the world for answers, will be attracted by a believer’s fruit.

Good fruits sets the table for the full course dinner of God’s Word.

I am convinced that proclaiming the gospel is the best way to test yourself and know that Christ lives in you.

The impulse to share the gospel is not self-generated, nor is it motivated by guilt, but inspired by the presence of Christ. For these reasons, Christ reminds us that whenever we go, teach, and baptize to fulfill the commission he bestows on all believers — that He goes with us (Matthew 28:20). Christ reminds us that whenever we are placed in a position or granted an opportunity to proclaim His name – even at the risk of great peril – a promise is given that He will provide the words to say (Mark 13:11).

The experience of sharing the gospel with others is to experience the presence of Christ. In a real, tangible way, proof is given that Christ lives in you.

And if I’m wrong? Test me (2 Cor. 13:5).

Examining the presence of Christ within our lives is not based on feelings – for they come and go. Its resting in God’s promises. One of the greatest promises that Christ gives us is His presence. Share the gospel message with others is one of the best ways to know Christ lives in you.

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    I remember when I was a baby Christian, I used to doubt if Christ really lives in my heast. So I asked God and He confirmed it to me through His word and showed me how different I am after I met Him. The real test of having personal relationship with Christ is a changed life. If you can’t pinpoint the difference between your life before Christ or your life after you met Him, then think again and make up your mind to follow Him all the way.

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