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Fuel for the Weekend

Mormon missionaries came to my house last week and invited me to watch a Christmas message on-line. Entitled “The First Gift of Christmas,” this short two and half minute You Tube video gives a heartwarming message that attempts to incorporate John 3:16.  (

Inspirational messages that invoke a Christmas spirit are regularly seen in television commercials to plant the seed that buying expensive presents brings happiness to families. The Mormon Church presents the same kind of Christmas gift that centers on the birth of Christ, but in a completely different kind of package. It is so beautifully wrapped that it’s very hard to distinguish between their presentation and the truth of God’s Word.

Mormonism teaches that Jesus Christ is a gift to the world, but people need to be worthy enough to open the gift and receive all of its blessings inside. The LDS Church presents Heavenly Father as a generous giver, but the gift is like a beautiful window display at an expensive downtown department store. Faithful Mormons can only peer through the glass like little children and hope that Heavenly Father can judge them to be good enough to receive this gift.

“It isn’t enough to believe in Christ; we also have to believe Him – believe that we can be made whole through His Atonement and that we are worthy of such a gift. Through faith, our minds and hearts are opened, and the words of the gospel find room to settle in and imprint on us.” (From

It’s difficult to discern the contents inside a beautifully wrapped gift. It takes biblical knowledge and learning the carefully crafted definitions of Mormonism to truly find out what’s inside. Truth in Love Ministry invites you to learn the differences by clicking the Dictionary of Mormonism, plus read an example of how to share the seriousness of sin with a Mormon.

I couldn’t help to test my knowledge at the Christmas website by taking a quiz entitled, “What do you know about Jesus Christ?” Upon finishing, they rated my faith as “moderate” and told me that “I have a good grasp on some aspects of Jesus Christ.” I was offered the opportunity to invite missionaries over to learn more. I praise God for the Please Open the Door initiative and the number of Christians who are now taking advantage of inviting Mormon missionaries over to their home and sharing all the aspects of what Jesus Christ has already done for us.

What its like sharing God’s Word with Missionaries is article written by a young Christian woman is currently visiting with her third set of Mormon missionaries.

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