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Does an evil spirit know your name?

Fear is a common denominator that prohibits a Christian from sharing the good news of free salvation in Christ. When examined, fears usually come from the result of being inward-focused instead of outward-driven. We tend to think inwardly, “What will this person think of me?” instead of outwardly, “Are they in spiritual danger from the consequences of sin?”

But, there is something even more unsettling that goes beyond our self when sharing God’s Word with others.

An evil spirit will know your name.

The Apostle Paul was preaching the resurrection of Christ in Ephesus to both the Jews and Gentiles. Over the course of two years, all the Jews and Greeks heard the word of the Lord throughout the province of Asia.

During this time, Paul was healing the sick and casting out demons. A few Jews decided to mimic Paul and attempted to do the same thing by casting out demons in the name of Jesus Christ.

“One day, the evil spirit answered them, “Jesus I know, and I know about Paul, but who are you?”  (Acts 19:15)

The evil spirits then overpowered the two men causing them to run away naked and bleeding. The news of this event spread rapidly and the Lord used it for good.

“In this way the word of the Lord spread widely and grew in power.”  (Acts 19:20)

Unbelief is a result of spiritual blindness and a hardened heart. Only through the power of God’s Word can the blind see and softened hearts can trust His promises.

In this world, we are cloaked from the reality of a spiritual dimension that we cannot see or feel. There are forces at work that we cannot perceive or understand. They all are contending for a prize — the souls of God’s creation.

Conversion is a great victory. One of the greatest victories recorded in the Bible is the dramatic conversion of Saul from Tarsus. Something like scales fell from the eyes of Saul.

This suggests there is something other-worldly that is associated with conversion. It’s a victory that causes celebration throughout the hosts of heaven. Names are meticulously recorded in the book of life.

A human soul is a prized possession in the spiritual realm. And those Christians who share the message of salvation with other souls position themselves as a target, a strategic front, a point of attack between spiritual forces.

And you will be identified by evil spirits. They will know your name.

Here are three suggestions when sharing God’s Word:

  1. With great joy and confidence, be a willing participant in the spiritual battle.  For He who is with you is much stronger than the enemy. Victory has already been assured.
  2. Put on the full armor of God (Eph. 6:11). Power and strength comes only through His Word.
  3. Pray continually. There is power in our prayers that we cannot fathom. We pray because God tells us to. Pray specifically for a lost soul and ask the Lord for the strength and the opportunity to share His Word.
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  1. Edy Meredith on November 16, 2013 at 9:43 am

    An evil spirit probably knows my name since I once served in the devil’s kingdom. However, I now have the mark of Jesus and serve him. I only respond to Jesus, my master, and His word.

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