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Growing up in a polygamist community to faith in Christ

“Up until last October I was a Mormon.”

These are the words of Becky who shared with me her story of coming out of a polygamist group in southern Utah. It was both a remarkable and a difficult journey.

“I grew up in the Allred Group, a fundamentalist Mormon group in Utah, believing in the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. At the age of 35, my husband and I left that group and joined mainstream Mormonism. Of course, it was an easy decision to make because neither me or my husband wanted to live in Polygamy but we were still brainwashed in the Mormon religion. We were very happy doing works to gain salvation because the works we were doing were way better than being in polygamy. Our children grew up pretty much as mainstream Mormons and our two eldest sons went on missions and cemented their testimonies on the false teachings of Mormonism.

I honestly never liked Joseph Smith because of the Polygamy thing but I felt that I needed to finally gain a testimony of him so I purchased a book available at a LDS bookstore. I couldn’t believe what I read about the details of his life and how Mormonism started. Reading that book destroyed my testimony and destroyed the faith I had in Mormonism. I doubted at one point that God even existed! I got to the point where I knew I had to trust something. Upon seeing God’s creation in this world and in heavens, even the creative design of our bodies, I knew that if I could trust anything it would be my God over Joseph Smith. My husband and I have always wanted Gods truth not our own desires and I know that God drew us to the truth. Through an amazing set of circumstances and timing, we both started studying the Bible and eventually came to faith. It has been amazing to read the Bible as a Christian. It keeps me going.

My adult children and spouses are still Mormon and I along with their dad have broken their hearts because we have found the truth about Mormonism. They are angry and upset with us, plus sad for their two younger siblings that we have taken from the Mormon Church. There is nothing I can say to convince them that the Law was fulfilled in Jesus Christ and we look to him for our Eternal Salvation. One of the hardest things I’ve done is to give my kids up to God. I have always loved my kids more than anything. At one point, I even considered staying in Mormonism just for them. But as I was listening to the Bible and heard the scripture verses that talk about giving up everyone for Christ, I knew I could not throw away the gift I was given. My Eeernal salvation.

I also recently witnessed to my LDS sister and crushed her world. She went home and told her husband and now they are looking into the things I have told them about Mormonism and the true Christ. Obviously we are also broken-hearted that our children and family members will not even look at facts. We must accept the true Jesus Christ and he is only found in the Bible. We believe that we are finally saved because we believe what the Bible tells us. We are free for the first time in our lives! It feels amazing, but we also carry a great burden since we have so much family in Mormonism.”

It is only the power of God’s Word that can transform hearts. Becki’s story is a great reminder and a source of encouragement. To download a free copy of a Bible study on how to witnessing to Mormons please click the following link Preparing for the Adventure

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  1. oleendelrosario on December 3, 2012 at 11:49 pm

    it’s amazing how God works in unbelievable circumstances 🙂

    • Dave Malnes on December 4, 2012 at 9:46 am

      Thanks for the reply — coming to faith is always a miracle.

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